Thursday, 29 January 2015

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event: Like visiting a baby boutique with amazing prices

Are you preparing for a new arrival in the family? Waiting for a friend to give birth? Or perhaps you already have a little one to buy for?

Then do not forget Aldi’s Baby & Toddler Specialbuys range, because it will have everything you can think of, and perhaps one or two you might not have even thought of!

They're in store now, while stocks are available.

Safer baby
Get peace of mind with the Mamia Comfort Baby Monitor (£19.99).  It’s wireless up to an astonishing 300 metres and features a clear digital sound, a noise alert sensor and a soft nightlight to soothe your little ones, so can be sure that your baby’s sleeping comfortably, wherever you are in the house.

"Fun up" dinner time!
Treat your newly born child to The Very Hungry Caterpillar Gift Set (£14.99) which includes a Party Plate, Photo Frame and Money Box, Egg Cup and Soldier Tray, Mug and Snack Plate, Bowl and Mug or Ice Cream Bowl and Plate.

Ultimate Baby Comforts
A range of lovely, soft blankets and towels will help keep your little ones cosy and warm; the Cellular Blanket (£2.49) is great for cribs and moses baskets, while the Baby Fleece Blanket (£2.49) will keep the winter chill out and the Hooded Baby Towel (£3.49) is perfect for popping over their head after a bath. (EDITOR: My wife has given some to a Godchild. So perfect!)

Baby Clothing Essentials
Soft, great quality wardrobe essentials will keep your baby looking cute all day. Keep them cosy with Aldi’s Baby Fleece Jacket (£4.99) and layer up with the Baby Sleep Suit (£3.99), Baby Body Suit (£2.99) and Zip Front Baby Sleepsuit (£3.49). The Baby Character T-Shirt (£3.99) comes in Mr Happy, Mr Bump, Superbaby, Hello Kitty and Little Miss Princess designs and is a fun addition to any wardrobe. Don’t forget to accessorise with Baby Socks (£2.49) and Infants Tights (£1.99).
Aldi’s Specialbuys Baby and Toddler range goes into stores nationwide on the 29 January but don’t delay, as once it’s gone, it’s gone!

On sale on 29.01.15 and available while stocks last
Product Code Description Price
STORY BOOK                                                               £0.99
INFANTS TIGHTS                                                         £1.99
BABY SOCKS 5 PACK                                                  £2.49
CELLULAR BLANKET                                                 £2.49
BABY FLEECE BLANKET                                           £2.79
2 PACK LONG SLEEVE BIB                                       £2.99
BABY BODYSUITS 3 PACK                                        £2.99
MUSLIN CLOTHS                                                          £3.29
HOODED BABY TOWEL                                              £3.49
ZIP FRONT BABY SLEEPSUIT                                    £3.49
BABY CHARACTER T-SHIRT 2 PACK                      £3.99
BABY SLEEPSUITS 3 PACK                                        £3.99
BABY FLEECE JACKET                                               £4.99

And remember, just because an item has run out in one branch of Aldi, does not mean another branch will have run out of that same item, so do check your other nearest Aldi branches. Just visit to find out where they are.

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