Thursday, 27 October 2011

The New Secret Support Collection 2011

After launching the hugely successful Secret Support clothing range last October, Marks & Spencer is now set to introduce a broader range of Secret Support dresses to shape you through 2011.

Incorporating the Secret Support™ technology used in the popular shapewear lingerie, the dresses have targeted control areas to shape you where you need it most - flattening tummies, cinching in waists and lifting bottoms for a perfectly streamlined silhouette.

The 2010 Secret Support dress sold out within weeks so be sure to get your hands on something from the new collection before it’s too late!

View the range here:

That's Health: World’s biggest bra marks wear it pink day

That's Health: World’s biggest bra marks wear it pink day: Vanish , supporter of Breast Cancer Campaign’s wear it pink, has created the world’s biggest bra to mark the largest day of fundraising ...

Own A Colour Charity Initiative Proves That Boys No Longer like Blue the Best

Thousands of Britonss have taken part in the new global Own A Colour fundraising initiative, which is raising crucial funds for UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation. In a surprise twist on gender stereotypes, most men are ditching blue shades in favour of red hues, turning tradition on its head to disprove the old adage, ‘blue is for boys’.

The Own A Colour website offers the chance for everyone to buy their own personal colour for a minimum donation of at least £1 per colour. Faced with more than 16.77 million colours to choose from, 39% of red-blooded men veered towards the colour of passion when shopping for their colour.

Men also showed their romantic side when buying colours as gifts, with 44% of men opting for a shade of pink or red for friends and loved ones.

Pink packed the biggest punch in the popularity stakes and proved to be the most popular colour overall, with 21% of Britonss purchasing a shade of pink. Yellow and green were the least favoured colours.

Own A Colour has the potential to help UNICEF transform the lives of millions of children across the globe. The initiative is powered by Dulux, that has a mission of ‘Adding Colour to People’s Lives’.

Michael Newsome, Director of Fundaraising at UNICEF UK said, “UNICEF is really excited that people from all over the world are snapping up colours. There are plenty left so get onto to join in the fun. At the same time you could save a child’s life, so why not?”

Matt Pullen, Marketing Director Dulux UK said, “Thousands of people in the UK have bought a colour to raise money for UNICEF and current colour choice trends show men prefer to see red! It is great to see the characteristics such as passion, warmth and romance are not just the preserve of other nationalities such as the Italians. The Own A Colour initiative has shown British men aren’t afraid to show their true colours in aid of such a worthy cause.”

Global Own A Colour buying patterns show the UK shares its love of red with Japan, Taiwan and China, where red is the colour of joy, good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Visit for more information and to purchase your own colour for a £1 and help transform a child’s life.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

UK women reveal their odd beauty secrets, but most still put their faith in milk!

Spraying hairspray on the face to avoid smudging and sleeping on your back to prevent wrinkles are among the weird and wonderful beauty secrets employed by women, it emerged yesterday.

Other tricks of the trade include placing cold teaspoons on puffy eyes to sooth swelling and spraying perfume on a hairbrush to give the hair an alluring scent.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study into beauty regimes, habits and rituals found four out of ten women utilise goods found in kitchen cupboards to look good.

Smearing toothpaste on spots and blemishes and sleeping in bed in socks full of moisturiser are also common.

The extreme lengths to which women go to were revealed following a comprehensive study involving 2,000 women by dairy drink Modern Milk.

Yesterday a spokeswoman said: ''Some of the beauty treatments in this list are more extreme than others and it’s clear the lengths some women will go to to look beautiful.

‘’Having some little hints and tricks up your sleeve is one thing, but trying to constantly sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles or spraying your face with hair spray are quite severe.

‘’We wanted to poll women to find out what alternative beauty treatments they use and whether people make use of ingredients from kitchen cupboards.

"The age old trick of putting cold teabags or cucumber on the eyes to reduce puffiness is still used today."

The research revealed the majority of women stick to tried and tested beauty rituals passed down through the family or gleaned from female friends and colleagues.

They include drinking two litres of bottled water every day and drinking a glass of milk or two when possible to give the body a calcium boost.

The survey also revealed that tomatoes (74%) salmon (59%), olive oil (56%), oats (54%) and avocado (40%) were foods that women consider an important part of diet in terms of beauty. Top of their list was that old favourite milk, which 77% of women in the UK believe is the most important beauty food, especially when it comes to their skin, hair and nails.

This was pleasing news to TV Doctor Dr Hilary Jones, a big fan of milk, who believes women shouldn’t be wasting money on cosmetics but spending it on foods that are rich in calcium and essential nutrients.

Dr Hilary said: "You need milk in your diet for health and as an additional bonus it has beauty benefits and doesn’t cost the earth. I support supermarkets like Tesco putting really great offers on beauty foods such as Modern Milk, which contain added vitamins and minerals and are one of life’s natural beauty products".

He added: "Milk is the nearest thing you can find to a totally complete food containing, as it does, a perfect balance of protein, minerals, vitamins, essential fats and carbohydrates".

Along with traditional methods, the study also revealed a plethora of more modern unconventional habits undertaken by women in the privacy of their bathrooms.

It found many shave their legs with hair conditioner, WHY?????

Others admitted to splashing lemon juice on their hair in the hope it will develop a lighter tint when exposed to the sunlight.

Brushing hair with talcum powder to freshen it up and using lipstick on the cheeks when blusher runs out also emerged as common tricks.

Vaseline is regularly used to smooth out frizzy hair and many women also use toothpaste to soothe insect bites.

Among the other weird and wonderful techniques was pinching cheeks before entering nightclubs, bars or restaurants to give them a radiant red glow, using tea tree oil on ingrowing hairs and steaming the face in herb water.

From today, 26th October, Modern Milk will be encouraging women everywhere to start drinking milk by offering a 50p voucher on their Facebook page The voucher will be valid until the 9th November. For more details visit

The Bridal Coach" Dvds Promise Wedding From Paradise

"The average spend on a wedding in the UK is £24,000 It's very easy for the stress to mount and for brides to lose sight of the fun they know that they should be having.

“In The Bridal Coach, I teach both the practical skills and the mindset required by the bride and their family to make the day go like a dream." - Michele Paradise - The Bridal Coach

TV fashion judge and modelling adviser Michele Paradise has released a unique DVD guide to help women enjoy the wedding day of their dreams.

In The Bridal Coach 4 DVD set (, Michele Paradise - a former catwalk model - advise brides on all aspects of their wedding day, from how to look stunning, how to stand with poise and elegance all the way through to how to feel fantastic on their special day.

Michele, a judge and adviser on TV hits "The Clothes Show", "Model Behaviour!" and "Britain's Next Top Model" is also a life-coach and hypnotherapist trained by self-help expert Paul McKenna. She combines a unique set of skills to help brides-to-be enjoy their day, and feel and look fantastic, inside and out.

"Being a Bride is like being a supermodel for the day," says Michele. "The big difference is supermodels have guidance and years of experience. Brides don't - and they only get one shot at it."

In The Bridal Coach, real brides-to-be discover the secrets of instant calm, creating confidence and enjoying every moment of their day, thanks to the psychological techniques she learned from McKenna.

At the same time, with her model's eye, Michele gives the brides practical advice on choosing the right wedding dress for their body shape, selecting the right shoes and walking in them, as well as posing for a photographer. Among other useful skills, she gives brides professional make-up advice, and of course, teaches them the art of walking down the aisle with style.

Michele has made a real difference to hundreds of weddings, and countless happy couples' days were made so much more special with her advice and psychological techniques.

Now a recognised figure in the wedding industry who shows a bride how to shine, Michele is an expert in turning a potentially stressful day into one that will be remembered "happily ever after".

The Bridal Coach DVDs are available from

The NEW Goddess II Gym and Travel Bag - A Christmas Gift For Active women

If you are a regular Gym Bunny, like to be ready to dash off for a 'pamper trip' and you like to have the best - then the "Goddess II" Gym and Travel bag is the ideal "practical chic" gift to put on your wish list - it is designed for busy women who like to have all their fitness kit ready and organised in one compact bag.

The "Goddess II" is a stylish and tailored multi-sport fitness bag that is smart and elegant enough to take to the office. With space for all your kit it includes a generous sized wash bag, a removable laundry bag, a shoe compartment with a separate trainer bag - and even an expandable wet compartment!

This clever bag can hold over 30 litres of luggage, whilst its compact size allows it to fit perfectly in both the average gym locker and match most airline hand luggage regulations.

Made specifically for women, the Goddess II is made with ergonomically cut shoulder straps to fit perfectly under the arm and carry with the same ease and comfort you would a handbag. With a water bottle pocket at one end, lots of 'stuff pockets' inside, and a discrete security pocket in the top, it's designed to be easy to use.

We are all so busy - so to make sure you never forget all your kit it even has a 'packing prompt list' printed inside the top of the bag to help you remember to take everything - and even a clever little 'locker coin' pocket so you never forget your locker coin again!

Women who use the Goddess Sports bag describe it as "very girl friendly", " an intelligent sport bag for women", "stylish, and carries everything that I need and more!"
Workplay sold out of stock of the original version of this bag in February, the Goddess II now includes all the extra features our customers have asked for and it will be arriving in stock in time for Christmas! We hope you like it!
Key features of the Goddess II:
  • Available in pink and black, or grey and black colour combinations with brightly coloured linings.
  • Includes a Wash bag with removable mirror, Laundry bag, Shoe bag and wet compartment.
  • NEW for Christmas!
  • Waterbottle holder at one end.
  • Externally accessible wet compartment, and security pocket.
  • Smart and tailored appearance - perfect at the office and the gym
The 'goddess II' is available in two colour combinations;
Grey and Black, or Pink and Black.
RRP £69.99, is available to buy from the workplay website

Soles that fold? Tell me more about Butterfly Twist foldable boots!

Butterfly Twists continues to redefine style and fashion by expanding their line to include ButterflyTwists foldable boots.

These jet-set worthy boots will be available just in time for winter.The girl on the go needs to pack lightly and with boots that was just never possible until now! This is the go-to boot for everydress, skirt or pair of skinny jeans this season! Whether it's partying at a fun festival or running all over the city lookingeffortlessly chic, these versatile, portable boots make the perfect travel companion no matter what the occasion. ButterflyTwists boots will be introduced on starting November 1st and widely available in the UK, USA, Japanand Korea December 1st in a variety of rich hues and two sleek silhouettes!

EXCLUSIVE look into the features of these trendy boots:
  • A patented fold, tuck and zip system for true portability
  • Ankle height and knee-high styles 
  • Zipper detail
  • Classic slouch cut and ruche effect with versatile fold down cuff
  • Soft micro-suede upper
  • Moisture wicking lining 
  • Contoured insole
  • Skid resistant flexi sole 
  • Distinctive pattern print on internal pouch
Butterfly Twists' new, travel savvy product is already generating buzz before it hits stores! Major retailers and several celebrity stylists are anxious to see this new collection. "In designing these boots, we wanted to create a design that would be ideal for travelling but also an everyday favourite", explains, Mark Quaradeghini, (Director).

The success and cult following from Butterfly Twists ballerina flats has just increased with these portable boots and it is only the beginning of an extensive amount of styles and designs that are underway. Along with the boots there is a new collection of flats with exciting newdesigns and embellishments to play-up your wardrobe.

The Butterfly Twists brand is currently specialising in fashionable yet practical, portable footwear that can be worn everyday. All of the designs have an innovative twist that makes them stand out from the crowd. Since launching in 2009, ButterflyTwists has seen great expansion worldwide, and was recently recognized by the UK Fashion & Textile Association by being presented with the 'New Exporter' trophy at the UKFT 25th Annual Awards.

Butterfly Twists footwear is sold internationally at department stores, boutiques, and online retailers. For more information on Butterfly Twists boots or flats visit or reach Emmanuel by e-mail at or by phone +44(0)845 519 6255. Follow Butterfly Twists on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news on collections, events and new store locations.

Celebrate Handmade With Holly and Ruby

Why not celebrate the handmade tradition and bag yourself some style with a difference?  For a delightful handmade haven, take a peek at Holly and Ruby, Yorkshire-based fashion accessory label. 

Founder Holly Davis, who recently relocated from the north-east back to her Yorkshire roots, is passionate about working small scale and bringing individuality back to fashion.  Holly and Ruby is an online treasure-trove of original, handmade handbags.

Each piece is lovingly made in the small Yorkshire studio by the Holly and Ruby team. “The design team is currently just me” says Holly. “I quite like it that way though. It means I can cater to my creative whims as I please.” 

Holly set up Holly and Ruby in response to the growing domination of mass-manufacture.  “I understand the role of mass-manufacture within fashion. However, I also strongly believe there is also a place for originality that is affordable and desirable“, says Holly.

“Each piece from Holly and Ruby is original and absolutely unique. I never make two bags the same. Once each bag is made, I give it a name and a character description. When you buy one of our bags, you are buying a unique piece of artwork, something especially for you.” It is these qualities that make Holly and Ruby an important part of the handmade revival.  

Holly and Ruby offer a design for every occasion, from bags such as the desirable Lady in Red to the wild and funky Wild Child. 

“There are design and production skills that we, as a culture, are in danger of losing unless we celebrate handmade and encourage others to do the same.”  Holly continues, “There is something satisfying and authentic about owning your own slice of fashion, something that belongs to no one else. That is style that you cannot buy from high street.” 

To celebrate handmade, Holly and Ruby are offering a fantastic 15% discount from their online store Quote offer code HANDMADE24 Offer expires 31/01/12

Twinkling Toes For Party Season With Scholl

With party season upon us it's time to air out the little black dress and peep toe heels in preparation for dancing the night away. But with heavy boots stifling our toes all winter, what do you do about those tired nails and feet? Never fear, Scholl has some perfect solutions to keep toes twinkling this festive season.

To banish foot faux pas such as chipped nails, dry skin or unsightly cuticles, Scholl's Color Pop Portable Manicure Set can be used on both hands and feet to get them party perfect. With two speed settings and seven attachments, the rechargeable wand can be used to tackle troublesome nails, dry or hard skin and untidy cuticles. It also contains exfoliating stones to smooth the skin and  you can finish off by shaping the nails with the fine grain cone attachment.

Or for an extra special treatment, the experts at Scholl recommend a regular foot spa to keep skin soft and supple. To tackle dry skin, Scholl's Color Pop Foot Spa uses massage attachments including a pumice stone to smooth soles, as well as massage rollers and acupressure pads. The foot spa uses a range of relaxing programs to soothe tired feet, with vibrations to enhance the benefits of the textured base of the spa, and bubbles to help boost circulation in the feet and legs. The thermal design helps the spa maintain heat for long, leisurely relaxation, ready for braving the chilly weather.

For the ultimate relaxation whilst preparing your feet for pampering, the Scholl Arctic Heat Shiatsu Foot Massager uses four Shiatsu nodes to penetrate aching muscles, sooth tensions and reduce any swelling in the feet before donning heels and heading out to party. The infrared heating and cold air propulsion system means that massages can be tailored to different needs, invigorating tired feet or soothing tight muscles.

So this festive season, get your feet twinkling and prepared to party with expert pampering tools from Scholl.

(UPDATE: My wife swears by her Colourpop rechargeable Travel Manicure Set. ""It's amazing! Really fantastic! Not only is it small, it has a wonderful range of attachments, 7 in total. Shaping, coarse and fine, polishing, rounded and pointed stones and a cleaning brush. It's wonderful!")

Join LUSH For A Nationwide Halloween Party!

If you want to celebrate Halloween this year with some super scary bath time treats then head on down to your nearest LUSH store on Saturday 29th October for a Nationwide Halloween Party.

For all those ghosts and ghouls looking for last minute Halloween ideas, Lush have a brand NEW limited edition range which includes the frightfully cute and re-useable Pumpkin Knot Wrap (£2.50), the super scary Skullduggery bath ballistic (£2.75) and a return of the Calacas shower jellies (£2.95 for 100g) - infused with aloe vera and designed to represent dancing skulls.

Whether you're looking for some Halloween pamper essentials or you just want some scary Saturday fun, join us in-store for a spook-tacular day of trickery, treats and monster mash style dancing to some classic Halloween tunes.

With spooky inspired drinks and nibbles for all to enjoy, including vegan skull cupcakes, customers will be treated to complimentary hand massages and skin and hair consultations.

Nationwide Halloween Parties are taking place on Saturday 29th October 2011 in Lush shops nationwide. To find your nearest Lush store please call 01202 668 545 or online at Please enquire at your nearest Lush for Saturday opening times.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hope & Glory 2012 - the new collection of natural soaps, candles and fragrances for the home

Hope & Glory
 by Heyland & WhittleHeyland & Whittle, the British Soap and Herbal Merchants, have created a new line of products, aptly named Hope & Glory, to help celebrate the forthcoming London Olympics 2012.
The new fragrance is clean and invigorating, a luxurious blend of olive and lemongrass giving a fresh citrus zing. A real winner in fact. All the products come boxed in patriotic red, white and blue and are, naturally, Made In Britain.

To order click on or call 01293 863 606.

Available from John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason and nationwide stockists.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pretty Polly Announce Jessie J As Face Of Henry Holland one of the UKs favourite online hosiery retailers is very excited to announce the new "legs" of House of Holland's range of tights for Pretty Polly is the one and only Jessie J.

Jessie J has been praised for her perfect pins and noted for her love of eclectic hosiery since arriving on the music scene . She's frequently spotted in a pair of on-trend tights at many of her events and they have become as much part of her trademark look as her sleek bob and sultry dark eyes.

The ‘Do it like a dude’ singer was the clear the choice for Pretty Polly to front their House of Holland tights range for Autumn Winter 2011. Jessie J has grown into a worldwide MOBO award winning superstar and recently secured a role as judge on new talent contest ‘The Voice’.

The ad campaign features a comic book style advert with ‘Pow’ and ‘Wham’ wording – perfectly portraying Jessie J’s fierce attitude.

The new partnership starts with Jessie wearing 3 of the key Autumn styles in her new video 'Domino' which is due for release shortly.

Henry Holland I’m Laddered Back Seam Tights -£12.48
Henry Holland Alphabet Lurex Tights - £12.48
Henry Holland Mock Fishnet Suspender Tights - £12.48

All styles are available at,enabling Jessie’s ardent fans to copy her superstar style.

The House of Holland range of tights has gone from strength to strength for Pretty Polly with Tightsplease reporting the Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights launched in 2009 as one of their best selling styles of all time.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Running Shoes Selling Fast With Six Months To Go ‘Til The London Marathon 2012

22nd October marks an important day for thousands of people in the country as it is six months ‘til the London Marathon - and time to start training!

The countdown is on with just 183 days until the big race and, already, Google is reporting a huge spike in searches for ‘marathon training’: 5,400 people have made this search just this month alone.

Sales figures at Sportsshoes HQ have also shown an increase in people interested in preparing for the marathon. The Asics GT 2160 running shoes have been flying off the shelves as athletes race to get the correct sports kit to prevent any injuries when running.

Running gear specialist and MD of Brett Bannister says:  “The London Marathon is one of the most enduring races in the world. When people run, around three to four times their bodyweight is placed on the shoe at a time and that’s a lot of pressure over 26 miles! So it is paramount to get some really good running shoes with the right amount of support and cushioning to suit the level of pronation. Runners will also find their feet will heat up and swell when running long distances, so they should choose half a size up from their normal shoe size.”

He adds, “When choosing clothing it is important to look for moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics to ensure a comfortable run.”

Brett includes his top 5 essential kit items for marathon runners below:

1. For neutral runners, the cushioned Nike Zoom Vomero +6 running shoes are brilliant for high mileage usage and just £64.95. For more support try the Saucony Progrid Hurricane 12 shoes, a reasonable £69.95

2. The Nike Dri Fit range offers super breathable vests ideal for marathon runners. Made of a high performance, microfibre fabric it wicks sweat away from the body to keep runners cool and comfortable. Prices start from £12.95.

3. The Adidas Response Tight Running Shorts have a zip back pocket which is ideal for keeping essentials at hand throughout a race. The ‘climalite’ fabric also wicks sweat away from the skin. They are available for men and women from £17.95.

4. Thorlo Light Mini Crew Running Socks are made of 70% Coolmax fabric to keep your feet cooler and drier than ordinary socks. The light weight pads of these anklet socks make them more comfortable, reducing fatigue and minimising blisters. Available for men and women at at £9.99.

5. Music is an essential morale booster during the epic journey. Why not check out our playlist on which has a great variety of tempos to work through during practice runs.

Hotter Shoes says reveals one in three women carry extra pair of comfy shoes in case of pain

Hotter Shoes has revealed that one in three UK women carry a comfortable pair of shoes with them to swap into because they are anticipating foot pain, according to a new survey.

Women who work, rest and play are going to great lengths to remain on their feet longer, despite 81 per cent admitting to experiencing pain by wearing 'killer' heels on a night out. (EDITOR: That must be why they call them 'killer' heels) But don't think that it's just fashionistas suffering for their art as an incredible 46 per cent of women admitted to walking in comfortable shoes to meet friends then changing into killer heels at the last minute.

The study into the footwear choices of 2,000 women was conducted by comfortable shoe specialist, Hotter Shoes which is looking at what motivates women's shoe choices for occasions.

Lisa McCarten of Hotter Shoes said: "The research highlights the amount of pain women encounter in uncomfortable shoes but shows they are willing to do something about it – logically shoes that look good and feel fantastic are the answer."

She added: "We were astounded to find comfy shoes often being seen as 'handbag accessories' in women’s daily lives. Shoes shouldn’t have to be worn in - it should be a pleasure to put on a brand new pair of shoes not a pain. At Hotter we know that women want shoes that look good and make them feel fantastic whatever they are doing."

A staggering 84 per cent of women wear killer heels on a night out, despite only one in ten saying they can find comfortable high heels.

34 per cent of women anticipate experiencing pain from their shoes within an hour of leaving home and 60 per cent carry plasters because they expect a blister or cut. More than half have ended an evening bare foot as they couldn't walk further in their uncomfortable shoes.

Half of the women surveyed said they buy new shoes to take on holiday and almost 60 per cent of them have experienced pain whilst abroad.

One in three has had to buy another pair of shoes when out of the house due to the level of discomfort experienced in the shoes they were wearing. A third of women in the UK walk to work in a comfortable pair of flats before changing into heels at their desk.

The company, which was established in 1959, now has one of the most successful production facilities anywhere in the world. The 'Comfort Concept' in every pair of women's shoes includes features such as smooth internal seams; removable insoles; soft leather uppers and soft padding. The 1.7 million pairs of shoes that will be designed and made in Hotter's UK factory this year have shock absorbing soles which contain millions of air bubbles that make the shoes incredibly light and give a feeling of walking on air.

Hotter shoes makes a range of womens shoes and mens shoes that are designed to look stylish but secretly hide a raft of comfort features including padding at heels; roomy toe boxes and removable insoles. The shoes made in the Lancashire factory have polyurethane soles that contain millions of tiny air bubbles, making them incredibly lightweight, flexible and shock absorbing. The company also manufactures work shoes and extra wide shoes, as well as several other ranges.

Monday, 10 October 2011

That's Books: Hip new self-transformational book from life coach...

That's Books: Hip new self-transformational book from life coach...: ‘So long, Carrie Bradshaw- there's a new role model for go-getting thirty somethings. Gabrielle Bernstein is doling out inner peace and se...

That's Christmas: Ideal Home Show at Christmas Preview

That's Christmas: Ideal Home Show at Christmas Preview: The Ideal Home Show is launching a festive edition of Britain’s best loved home show. The first ever Ideal Home Show at Christmas will take ...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mary Portas for Charnos Hosiery launches at Tightsplease!

High street guru Mary Portas has joined with the hosiery experts Charnos to launch a range of fashion tights for the Mary Portas ‘Pret a Portas’ range.

The range of tights includes colourful opaque’s, argyle prints and on trend polka dot styles. Mary is on a mission to create a range of tights which inspire women to wear their dresses that little bit shorter and celebrate fantastic pins!

Available to order at Tightsplease now, the range is launched to coincide with the new Mary Portas show ‘Queen of Frocks’ which airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. The show goes behind the scenes, with Mary Portas producing her range of clothing & accessories for high street giant House of Fraser. The show also features the Charnos hosiery range which Mary & Charnos worked on closely together!

We are also stocking the fantastic and revolutionary Armery created by Mary. Part hosiery/part amour, the armery is designed to hug your arms and provide a stylish and practical solution to those dreaded bingo wings! The armery is rumoured to have sold out in 2 days when it launched at House of Fraser, so be quick and shop the armery range at Tightsplease now.

To celebrate this launch Tightsplease are offering free delivery for 1 week across the whole Mary Portas range, staring from Tuesday 4th October! Plus for one lucky customer, the prize of a full set of Mary Portas & Charnos hosiery.

See the range at