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Korres Skincare Resolutions Limited Edition Skincare Kits

KORRES has put together Three Limited Edition face regiment kits: Each a complete skincare proposal catering for different skin types and specific needs - an ideal introduction to the Greek skincare brand's philosophy.

In tune with the KORRES 'skincare by ingredient' approach, each set is based on an all-time classic KORRES ingredient and contains mini-size products, all packed up in a tin, travel-friendly 'wallet', perfect for those new year getaways.

The collection includes: Wild Rose for Hydration & Brightness [normal to dry skin]; Pomegranate for Cleansing & Hydration [oily to combination skin]; Quercetin & Oak for Anti-Ageing Protection based on a NOBEL Awarded discovery [normal to combination]

Pomegranate Skincare Set - Hydration/ Oily To Combination Skin RRP: £19.50

Contains: Moisturising Cream-Gel -Cleansing Scrub -Cleansing Mask -White Tea/ Fluid Gel Cleanser

Wild Rose Skincare Set - Hydration & Brightness/ Normal To Dry Skin RRP: £19.50

Contains : 24-Hour Moisturising And Brightening Cream - Brightening & Line-Smoothing Serum - Instant Brightening Mask - Milk Proteins/ 3in1 Cleansing Emulsion

Quercetin & Oak Skincare Set - Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Normal To Combination Skin RRP: £19.50

Contains: Day Cream Spf10-Night Cream -Eye Cream -Face Serum

Korres natural products is a Greek company with roots in the first Homeopathic Pharmacy of Athens. The first Korres product was an aromatic herbal syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by "rakomelon", a warming spirit-with-honey concoction, which George Korres' grandfather used to favour in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Set up in 1996 with the aim to utilise its extensive scientific resources for the creation of beneficial and safe products, the company today offers a complete skin and hair care range, sun care products and herbal preparations.

www.NivenandJoshua.com, www.HarveyNichols.com, www.LookFantastic.com

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That's Christmas: Hunter Dunn, Hunter Dunn, best place for Valentine...

That's Christmas: Hunter Dunn, Hunter Dunn, best place for Valentine...: It is a sad but true fact that Valentine’s Day can turn even the best gift-buyer in to a monster. Despite good intentions it’s easy to get...

Mel B Hits UK TV Screens - Bye bye baby weight… hello hot mama!

Mel B Hits UK TV Screens
Scary spice Mel B is currently appearing on UK TV screens in ads for the JENNY CRAIG weight loss programme.

Mel B joined the JENNY CRAIG Programme in Australia,– where the ad campaign originally launched, where she was working as a judge on X-Factor. Now, Mel has already passed the halfway mark to her goal and there’s no stopping her!

“I am so excited I’ve passed my halfway. My humps and bumps are still there but they’re a little bit smaller and I’m loving it“ Mel B said.

“Being halfway on my weight loss journey means I’m happier and healthier. I still don’t get much sleep at night thanks to Madison, but with my new found energy I’m able to be a better mother.

Mel B is fronting JENNY CRAIG’s latest campaign with huge success, appealing to mothers to invest in themselves.

“Like all mums, I sometimes feel a little guilty taking time out for myself. But this is about my health. I think mums are the centre of their universe, so it’s just something I just had to do,” says Mel B.

In true Mel B fashion, she also had a more personal reward for when she finally reached her goal weight. “I cannot wait until I reach my goal weight – I can, not, WAIT! I’m gonna get my ‘thong on’!! Woot Woot!”

Mel B acknowledges JENNY CRAIG’s 30 years experience as leading weight management experts and providing a support system second-to-none with individual consultants and tailored eating plans.

“Let’s face it, it’s really hard to lose weight by yourself…I hate diets - they don’t work, they’re confusing. JENNY CRAIG is not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that makes losing weight easy. I get everything figured out for me and I get supported every single week by my own consultant. I get my breakfast, lunch, and dinner already set, already planned, and my snacks. Brilliant!'” said Mel B.

Read more about Mel B’s weight loss journey at her blog or see her before/after video.

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Personal Advice From Caroline Castigliano

Don't miss out on the rare opportunity to meet internationally renowned bridal designer Caroline Castigliano at a series of exclusive Designer Days.

In the same year that Caroline celebrates 21 years at the forefront of bridal couture, she will be travelling to Edinburgh, Leeds and Hampshire to meet brides and offer them her personal advice.

Mark these dates in your diary now:

Saturday 28th January - CC Edinburgh (0131 558 3355)www.carolinecastigliano.co.uk/caroline-castigliano-edinburgh/

Sunday 5th February - CC Leeds (0113 234 0990)www.carolinecastigliano.co.uk/caroline-castigliano-leeds/

Saturday 18th February - Exquisite Bridal (01590 610 433)www.carolinecastigliano.co.uk/exquisite-bridal-couture/

Consultations are strictly by appointment only.

This is a unique chance to meet Caroline in person and discuss your wedding gown and styling for your big day with the designer herself.

Please note that we anticipate high demand for appointments on Designer Days, so do book early with the appropriate boutique to avoid disappointment.

Martick Jewellery At The Jewellery Show, Spring Fair 2012

Full of fresh exciting new products that are beautiful, desirable and affordable. Shortlisted yet again for the gift of the year awards, Martick will be showing their expanded ethical silver range at spring fair.

"Come and view our fast selling ranges at Spring Fair. Fabulous pearls hot valentines products, mothers day gifts, intriguing ranges from ancient inspirations . It's eclectic and exciting," pointed out Julie Martick.

Visit them at hall 18 stand no D 30.

To find out more about the show, visit  www.thejewelleryshow.com

SparkleShine Magnetic Silver Bracelet Proves To Be The Fastest Selling Bracelet Of 2012 So

"We have been inundated with orders for the SparkleShine since we launched it in November. Hallmarked Sterling Silver, these magnetic fastened beauties have attracted a lot of attention for their ease of wear, fashion sense and attention grabbing sparkle," said a spokeswoman.

She went on to say: "They could be your ideal Valentine Gift this year…even for yourself! We've heard every excuse under the sun for a justified self purchase on these!

"They come in four different colours, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Black or Silver. They are competitively priced at £42.00 although they will be rising in price from next month so get them while you can, especially as this includes delivery too!"

To order visit www.claudiasylvester.com/silver-collection/bracelets/the-sparkleshine-bracelets-with-magnetic-fastening.html

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On Your Marks... Get Set... GO!

This Spring/Summer is all about the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and the Nancy Dee SS12 range leads with the perfect exclusive print and styles to chime with the country's celebratory mood and upsurge in national pride. Take a look and you'll see what we mean by getting in the swing while remaining coolly stylish and effortlessly chic!

More reasons to celebrate...

Proud to be British

Nancy Dee was founded in 2008 by sisters Tamsin and Seraphina Davis. Every Nancy Dee piece is designed in Seraphina's studio in North London and made in two small factories in the Midlands.

True limited edition pieces
Nancy Dee's prints are uniquely designed for the brand by the sisters, and a limited quantity of each style is made, so each piece is that bit more special for the wearer.

High-performance fabrics naturally...
Their premium fabrics - organic cotton, bamboo and Modal - are wonderfully soft against the skin, drape beautifully, are from sustainable sources and grown naturally.

It's a family business, Nancy Dee was created in 2008 by sisters Tamsin and Seraphina Davis. With backgrounds in Film and Social Policy (Tamsin) and Fashion Design (Seraphina), they share a desire to create wearable stylish pieces that provide a real ethical and sustainable alternative to mainstream fast fashion. The company is gaining a loyal following as more and more people discover that an alternative is possible.

Nancy Dee's manifesto:
Sustainability begins at the design stage. Nancy Dee dresses are not one-season wonders but are designed to be long-wearing, versatile and much-loved pieces. Made in jersey, they can be dressed up for evening ('day-to-night') and adapted to work with seasonal trends. Whilst longevity is key, our designs remain relevant and we have been featured in consecutive seasons in the Drapers future trend catwalk shows at the PURE exhibition in London, and our styles are listed on the Mudpie.com trend forecasting website.

Their materials - organic cotton, soya bean, bamboo, linen and silk - are made from fibres extracted from renewable sources, which means that they are grown naturally, the land can be re-used after each harvest, and unlike synthetic materials they are fully biodegradable.

Made In Britain. By manufacturing in the UK they can be confident of quality, of working conditions, and of helping to preserve the specialist skills that we have here in Britain.

Unique design. All of the clothes they make and all of the prints they use are designed exclusively by Nancy Dee. The production process - from sourcing the yarn through to the finished piece - can take up to a year, and as hey produce a set quantity of each style, limited editions are guaranteed.

If you would like any more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Introducing Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy™ Personal Body & Skincare Products

Exclusive Two-Week Launch At Fenwicks Dept. Store, Brent Cross: Friday The 24th February – Friday 8th March 2012.

-Offering Personal Pampering Taster Session On Saturday 25th February 2:00pm – 7:00pm at Fenwicks, Brent Cross.

Introducing Thermal Therapy™ a new benchmark beauty method by pioneering Body and Skin Personal Care brand Keep Immaculate™ brings, the ‘just left the spa’ feeling straight to the home for the busy woman. A professional treatment used in Mayfair Salons, is for the first time, being made available on the high street.

From the 24th of February – 8th March 2012 Keep Immaculate will be doing a whole 2-week launch in Fenwicks, Brent Cross and in-line with a special Mothers Day Promotion will be offering exclusive 25% discounts off products. Also, one for the diary, on Saturday 25th February between 2:00pm – 7:00pm the Keep Immaculate team will be offering free personal pampering taster sessions to the public at Fenwick, Brent Cross.

Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy™ is a revolutionary method from the Keep Immaculate brand developed by award winner and entrepreneur Lydia Montoute. Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy™ identifies heat and essential oils as the two core elements for a body that is pampered, cared for and feels good.

The brand has given us three exciting Impact Heat Release Technology™ must-have products, Glamhot Hand Exfoliator™, Sauna Radiance Mask™ and Grooming Pedicure Feet™. These ingenious products perform amazing facial, pedicure and body exfoliation results in conjunction with the All Over Essential™ new formulation oils extracted from natural plants, vegetables and flower combinations.

The Keep Immaculate philosophy aims to pare down the beauty regime as much as possible for the woman whose appearance, wellness and convenience is number one priority. As a new day dawns, your 5 minutes of 'me-shower time' is more pleasurable, whether you need energising, nourishing, or pure indulgence.

Impact Heat Release Technology™ opens the pores to enhance the therapeutic beauty benefits of the nourishing All Over Essential™ Oils that boost tone, radiance and sooth away stresses. The portable devices work by a molecular reaction that activates and heats up in seconds, staying warm for 20 minutes and can be used time and time again.

For those seeking perfect skin or want to give a gorgeous present for a loved one; Glamhot Hand Exfoliator, Sauna Radiance Mask and Grooming Pedicure Feet™ come in three starter packs. These starter packs are great to indulge in the full Keep Immaculate Thermal Therapy™ experience, allowing you to explore the other beneficial essential oils and washes in the range.

Glamhot Hand Exfoliator™ - STARTER KIT
This portable, hand device is perfect to smooth out imperfections, the heat factor is particularly beneficial for targeting dimpled areas, invigorating circulation, smoothing out rough patches and nourishing skin. It gives a radiant sheen to the body and is perfect for creating soft and sensual skin.

The Glamhot starter kit comes with a 25ml Olive & Jasmine Oil and 25ml wash that has a sensual, uplifting aroma designed to carefully cleanse whilst the soothing moisture works to nourish the skin for the day or night ahead. The Glamhot starter pack retails at £19.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

Sauna Radiance Mask™ - STARTER KIT
Be at the forefront of facial treatments with this new revolutionary, portable mask. This will encourage a youthful, fresh glow and make skin feel soft and supple, use working on the computer at home, on the plane, in the bath and definitely before a night out!

The Sauna Radiance Mask™ starter kit comes with a 25ml Clary Sage & Evening Primrose Oil and a 25ml wash that carries a clean herbaceous, sweet roasted scent that will encourage a clear complexion and advance fresh, young looking skin. The kit retails at £24.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

Grooming Pedicure Feet™ - STARTER PACK
This relaxing treatment is perfect for stressed, dry, or tired feet. Even if your feet are in tip-top condition this treatment will aid in de-stressing and grooming and is the perfect way to indulge if you’ve been on the go all-day.

The Grooming Pedicure Feet™ kit comes with a 25ml Apricot & Peppermint Oil and a 25ml wash that has a fresh, cool scent. It is rich in vitamin A and is effective in softening dry, cracked skin. The kit retails at £24.99 from Fenwicks and Bentalls.

All Over Essential™ Oils & CLEANSER WASHES
The Keep Immaculate All Over Essential™ Oils and cleanser wash range is an example of the increasingly popular move to products containing pure ingredients that have a real holistic effect. The range attends to the intimate connection between healing aromas, a contemporary lifestyle and feeling good.

These products can be used from hair to toe and carry their own unique sensation and benefits. They are formulated and extracted from natural plant, vegetable and flower combinations and include a unique alliance of ingredients new to the market. The combinations include: Avocado & Carrot Seed, Olive & Jasmine, Clary Sage & Evening Primrose and Apricot & Peppermint. The benefits include anti-ageing, balancing, detoxifying and beauty.

Lydia Montoute – Inventor & Entrepreneur - CEO of Keep Immaculate Body & Skin Personal Care Products.

Lydia Montoute has won the British Female Inventors and Innovators Network‘ Special Recognition’ award for her convenient and innovative products. Lydia has also won the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ from the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners for her creative and entrepreneurial business approach.

She is frequently asked to take part in BBC TV and radio programmes and join panels and speak to varied audiences at prominent events for example; the platform of the Mayor of London’s Development Agency’s ‘ Living Innovation’ events and various business seminars. Lydia is proud of her working relationships, be it through sponsorship or associates such as the former LDA, London College of Fashion, Connect London and The Zing Group.

Working as an inventor and entrepreneur has lead Lydia to work with a carefully selected team of scientists, biochemists and designers on her Keep Immaculate Body and Skin Care Products range.

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That's Christmas: Scribbler.com launches a range of personalised Val...

That's Christmas: Scribbler.com launches a range of personalised Val...: Scribbler.com has unveiled its new look website in time for the Valentines day madness. ...

Even more reductions at AllSaints!

AllSaints Spitalfields continue their Sale with further reductions beginning 14th January 2012. Shop selected Sale lines with up to 60% off, both in-store and online at AllSaints.com.

The AllSaints Sale continues, with up to 60% off selected styles both in-store and online at AllSaints.com.
With further reductions on selected Sale styles; there is no shortage of options for brand loyalists.

In Menswear, outerwear is an essential category that includes a wide choice of Italian wool Pea Coats, fully lined Parkas and Vintage inspired Biker Jackets for keeping warm in the final months of Winter.

For the perfect wash and fit at a significantly discounted price, be sure to check out the Mens Denim range. The authentic collection of vintage inspired jeans include straight, slim, skinny and tapered fits to suit every leg shape. These styles come in a variety of laundered and treated finishes that are innovatively developed to ensure that the denims can be lived in, whilst guaranteeing optimum durability.

For Women seeking stylishly classic sale items, the luxurious dress category promises inspiration. Heavily hand beaded embellishment, garment washed leather and watercolour print silks are just some of the ever popular styles that make up the AllSaints Dress collection and provide classic styling pieces to suit every occasion.

Knitwear is also a key category for channelling the ever popular layering trend and keeping warm in these chillier months. The collection includes a mix of mid weight cashmere cardigans, ideal for creating luxurious yet understated looks, and chunky cable knit capes and jumpers made from premium lambswool blend yarn.

Also available in the AllSaints Sale are premium leather Handbags, hand finished Footwear and essential jersey Loungewear.

AllSaints Online make purchasing even easier for the Sales shopper, offering FREE standard shipping to the UK and Europe and FREE International delivery to a large number of worldwide destinations on all orders of over £250.

Shop online now at www.AllSaints.com

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That's Christmas: A Mothering Sunday treat for your mother!

That's Christmas: A Mothering Sunday treat for your mother!: Show your special mum just how much she means to you this Mother's Day with coastal lifestyle brand, Seasalt. Bring the South West to your ...

All Things Tribal

The Aspiga 2012 Collection focuses on their new Masai Collection, being launched End of February. The Masai Collection inspired (and all hand made) by individuals of the wonderfully elegant, Masai tribe in Kenya.

The collection full of colour and vibrancy comprises of pieces of unusual jewellery (including choker necklaces, cuff bracelets and head bands), beaded sandals, belts and baskets.

Beadworking, has a long history among the Maasai, who articulate their identity and position in society through body ornaments and body painting. In the past beads were produced mostly from local raw materials.

White beads were made from clay, shells. Black and blue beads were made from iron, charcoal, seeds, clay, or horn etc. Now beadworkers have replaced the older beads with new materials and use more elaborate colour schemes. The beading today is done by the women in their homes (while the men are out looking after livestock).

Aspiga has adapted some of the Masai original designs and made them into unique pieces of jewellery for the Western World, along with new bespoke designs, all of which will stand out in the crowd and compliment the continuing catwalk trends of bright colours for Spring / Summer 2012.

The Masai Collection will sit alongside Aspiga's 2012 Collection of stylish and ethical footwear, which will sell online from the end of February www.aspiga.com or 100 stockists across the UK.

Aspiga are especially proud to be helping fight poverty in Africa through Trade not Aid, as they are giving much needed jobs by using eight small suppliers all with local workforces. On top of this they also donating a percentage of their profits to a small orphanage in Nairobi called The Brydges Centre. Sandals from £35.00.

PINGUSH - For The Discerning Woman

Meet Carina Hildebrandt, immerse yourself in her rich, tantalising colours and strong simple elegant designs that have been quietly capturing the eye of the sophisticated discerning woman.

From the strikingly simple 100% Baby Alpaca 'Signature' coat and belted draped collared jackets to the richly textured knitted necklaces, taffeta skirts and unique organic cotton empire dresses, Carina designs enduring pieces that are both flattering and addictively comfortable.

She is renowned for her stunning range of distinctive colours, soft smokey hues for summer, rich autumnal shades for winter. Her timeless contemporary look with a now all-encompassing Womenswear collection undoubtedly fills a gap in the market and PINGUSH is ready to launch to a wider audience.

Each effortlessly elegant piece has been designed to be both stand alone and work to create a variety of looks as part of a capsule wardrobe. Hand finished in our dedicated fair-trade workshop in Peru the collection is available in sizes 8-22 and is machine washable.

For further information about the range and their SW London showroom, please visit www.pingush.com

Men have skin, too! Try the Australian Botanics Company - Men's Range

Company founder and pharmacist, Mr Suresh Mistry created the range specially for men taking into account men’s needs and their increasing interest in self-grooming.

For a perfectly smooth face after shaving, the men’s shave oil is a 100% natural product for a really close shave minimising shaving cuts. The oil contains the Australian Mint Bush oil which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The plant is also rich in different oils, including menthol and cineole, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, cool and alive! Followed by the tea tree face scrub to exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and finally the hemp seed oil based face moisturiser with natural extracts of Iceland moss, rice bran, cucumber and marine kelp, to naturally hydrate the skin with nourishing oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

“These are the basic three items no man should be without, to look their best!!” says Suresh.

Other items in the men’s range include a low gloss lip balm and a zesty Australian desert lime soap bar.

To see the full range of products in more detail go to http://www.australianbotanics.com/products/mens-range/

The Australian Botanics Company also has a large range of other natural and exciting feel-good products for the hair, face, hands, body and feet, including indulgence products such as bath salts – ALL freshly made!! A percentage of the profits will support and benefit the aboriginal community of Australia

The Australian Botanics Company – supports the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society (ACAS) of Australia who assist Aboriginal children wherever and whenever the need is apparent. To initiate and support proposals designed to advance the health, housing, education, cultural, moral and social well-being of young Aboriginals. ACAS also provides and maintains hostels and accommodation for students or young Aboriginal workers in necessitous circumstances.

Asase Spa Introduces Fabulous New Range Of Facial Treatments

Is your skin suffering from the winter blues? The cold weather making you feel less desirable? Here at Asase spa Brighton we have the perfect solution! Introducing our new fabulous range of facial treatments, designed to perfection just for you! And using only the best range of facial care around - Dermalogica!

After extensive training and plenty of experience in making skin look wonderful our therapists are primed and ready to offer you a treatment tailor made to suit your skin type, life style and most of all we work to achieve the finishing look you desire!

Using Dermalogica's trademark skin mapping technology the therapist's here at Asase will map out all of your imperfections and find the perfect range of products to expel them and leave you feeling fresh faced, relaxed and indulged. Not only will they create a treatment plan just for you, but they will offer you the best advice and guidance on which products will work best for you at home, taking great care and consideration of your work life, home life and any other factors.

Why not treat yourself this winter, with a wide range of other treatments? At Asase you can tailor make a gorgeous afternoon just for yourself, or with a friend. The staff are more than happy to prim you face to tootsies and even work on your innermost self with their array of deeply tranquil massages.

Sinead, one of the managers said: "The staff here at Asase works their hardest to ensure you have a treatment worth remembering! Our new facial treatments are to die for! And achieve results you could only dream of!"

With an interesting assortment of magazines to read and hot beverages to warm the cockles with, you will be spoilt rotten!


Panier D'amour - Send A Box Of Love This Valentine's

Hand selected, the sensuelle range is aimed at couples looking to spend some loving and romantic time together, with sensual massage and bath oil, love tokens for a risqué edge, as well as relaxing, fragranced candles and delicious, mouth-watering

chocolates. This panier will create an amorous, seductive ambience. The sensuelle range boasts three sizes; Première, Grande and Luxe:

Première rrp: £49 from panierdamour.co.uk

• A beautiful and sensuous hand poured fragranced candle, presented in a tin with Bergamot, Rose, Spicy Clove, Patchouli, Sandlewood and Sweet Vanilla to spice up the bedroom
• Organic handmade soap, made using natural oils in Lavender and Rose

• Delicious gift box of four handmade Belgian chocolates

• Sensual massage oil in tantalising Neroli and Rose

• A bag of three luscious mixed fragrance shea butter bath melts

Grande rrp: £79 from panierdamour.co.uk

• Gorgeous hand poured pillar candle in Bergamot, Rose, Spicy Clove, Patchouli, Sandlewood and Sweet Vanilla fragrances

• Three beautiful organic handmade soaps, made using natural oils

• Eight mouth-watering Belgian chocolates

• Sensual massage oil in tantalising Neroli and Rose

• Sparkling black sea shell pearl bracelet from Perla di Marina

Luxe rrp: £129 from panierdamour.co.uk

• Luxury large glass encased candle, fragranced with Bergamot, Rose, Spicy Clove, Patchouli, Sandlewood and Sweet Vanilla

• Fragranced Lavender, Rose, So wild and Marigold organic handmade soaps

• Fifteen delicious assorted Belgian chocolates

• Sensual massage oil in tantalising Neroli and Rose

• Two sets of six pewter love tokens, perfect for her to ask for breakfast in bed, a hug, a kiss or a little more…

• A teasing, sensual silk eye mask for her

panier d’amour – boxes of love for the one you love. Hand selected and sourced with care these beautifully packaged gift boxes are the epitome of luxury.
The amour range shows someone special that you really care. An ideal gift this Valentine’s, it holds everything she needs for a relaxing and luxurious time.

Available in three sizes, the boxes contain:

Première rrp: £49 from panierdamour.co.uk

• Beautiful and loving hand poured candle fragranced with loving

Rose Bulgaria, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolut Maroc, Bois de Rose, Turkish Rose Oil and Violet and presented in a tin

• Organic handmade soap, made using natural oils in Lavender and Rose

• Delicious gift box of four handmade Belgian chocolates

• Sensual massage oil in tantalising Neroli and Rose

• A bag of three luscious mixed fragrance shea butter bath melts

Grande rrp: £79 from panierdamour.co.uk

• Gorgeous relaxing hand poured pillar candle fragranced with loving Rose Bulgaria, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolut Maroc, Bois de Rose, Turkish Rose Oil and Violet

• Eight mouth-watering handmade Belgian chocolates

• Three bars of mixed fragrance handmade organic soap

• Beautiful box of seven mixed fragrance delicate bath melts for a relaxing bath time

Luxe rrp: £129 from panierdamour.co.uk

• Gorgeous relaxing hand poured pillar candle fragranced with

loving Rose Bulgaria, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolut Maroc, Bois de Rose, Turkish Rose Oil and Violet

• Fragranced Lavender, Rose, So Wild and Marigold organic handmade soaps

• Twelve delicious assorted handmade Belgian chocolates

• Relaxing bath oil in tantalising Neroli and Rose

• Seven scented relaxing bath melts

• Beautiful, soft, luxurious and snuggly cashmere bed socks

• Delicate bone china mug, with a beautiful heart design, for those cups of tea in bed


Prepare To Bare Suncare

With thoughts turning to Summer and holidays in the sun, prepare to bare with a little help from organic skincare experts, Green People, and look forward to enjoying the Summer with confidence.

Simply follow these four easy steps to unveil a gorgeous, glowing body that couldn't possibly be kept under wraps.

Step 1 - Revive and renew dull, tired skin...

For ultimate sexy, summer skin, smooth and soothe your body with Green People's exfoliating body scrub to boost circulation, revive dull, lacklustre skin and reveal a radiant silhouette.

Sensuous Sugar Scrub - £19.95 - 245g

A luxury exfoliating scrub for all skin types.

This certified organic scrub contains luxuriously blended pure cane sugar crystals, fairly traded Shea Butter and other precious skin-softening plant oils. A deluxe body exfoliator that gently cushions the skin whilst it polishes to remove dead skin cells leaving it super soft and glowing. Skin is drenched in the beautifully scent of uplifting, fairly traded Lemongrass and Rosemary oil. 96.5% organic.

Step. 2 - For a sun kissed glow.....

A healthy glow can do wonders for your confidence, try Green People's quick drying, non streaking Self Tan Lotion for the ultimate sun kissed glow.

Self Tan Lotion - £17.95 - 200ml

A quick drying, non-streaky lotion.

Non-streaky, sweet-smelling and quite possibly the best Self Tan Ever! It's fast (absorbs within minutes, tans within hours), flexible (face, body and all skin types), and fragrant (rosehip, sandalwood and geranium). When applied DHA, derived from sugar, reacts with Amino Acids in the outer layer of the skin to form brown pigments that give the appearance of a natural suntan. It is quick drying and non greasy with a natural looking tan appearing within 2-3 hours. Certified Organic. 89.58% organic.

Step. 3 - The protection factor....

Stay safe in the sun with Green People's range of natural and organic sun lotions. With 84% organic ingredients, Green People sun lotions contain effective natural broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, as well as natural antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C and E to help supprt the skin's immune system and prevent premature aging. All lotions are free from harsh pore clogging ingredients making them suitable for even the most sensitive skins, including those who suffer from prickly heat or other skin irritations.

Sun Lotion SPF15 with natural sun tan accelerator - £17.95 - 200ml
Faster Tan - Faster Protection - Longer Lasting Tan

This Organic SPF15 sun lotion has a naturally derived ingredient which works to speed up your body's ability to tan. The key active ingredient Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient derived from the fruits of the Carob tree which acts as a stimulant for the formation of melanin. Trials have shown that the speed of tanning increases by over 24% compared to placebo, the intensity or depth of suntan increases by over 28%, and when used after obtaining a tan, reduces the tan-fading rate by almost 50%. 82.25% organic.

No Scent Sun Lotion SPF25 - £17.95 - 200ml

Fragrance free sun protection for sensitive skin.

This water resistant organic sun lotion offers broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection with antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C & E (Green tea, Olive, Avocado and Rosemary extract) to help support the skin's immune system and protect against cell damage. Made without essential oils this sun lotion is perfect for those with sensitive skin and who are prone to prickly heat. 82.22% organic.

No Scent Soft Lips SPF8 - £3.95 - 10ml

Protects and softens dry, chapped lips.

A nourishing lip balm with UV protection. Get super soft lips and a natural sheen from berry wax and fairly traded Cupuaca butter. This mild no-scent formulation (no essential oils) is ideal for dry, sore and chapped lips and perfect over our lipsticks for a subtle gloss effect! 70.0% organic.

Step. 4 - Smooth and Soothe

After Sun Lotion - £11.95 - 200ml

Cools skin and prolongs your tan

A cooling and moisture binding after sun lotion to smooth, soothe and pamper the skin, helping to maintain your tan and minimize peeling. Light, yet nourishing After Sun Lotion is also a great refreshing everyday body lotion. Freshly scented with fairly traded Mint Oil. Certified Organic. 94.49% organic.

So now you can be ready to step out and enjoy a beautiful Summer with confidence!

For stockist details please call 01403 740 350 or visit www.greenpeople.co.uk

ghd help you get the Kate Middleton look

To honour the nation’s favourite Princess on her 30th birthday (9th January), ghd Creative Director and Session Stylist, Kenna, tells us how to achieve Kate Middleton’s luscious locks. The hair of the moment is, without a doubt, the big and bouncy blow dry.

Using the power of the brand new ghd air hairdryer, follow Kenna’s six simple steps below to help you recreate the Duchess’s effortlessly stylish signature look.

Today's blow dry isn't about flat lengths scooped under at the ends, the style is big, loose and sexy hair with movement, volume and shine." ghd Creative Director, Kenna.


1. To begin, towel dry hair leaving in as much moisture as possible.

2. Apply ghd Style Root Lift Spray from roots down and ghd Style Total Volume Foam from tips up for a big bouncy blow-dry style. You will want to start by drying the roots to activate the Root Lift Spray; this product is great for the whole length of the hair because it adds texture.

3. Flip your head upside down and continue drying with your fingers, keeping your ghd air on low speed and low heat—let gravity help you build volume.

4. Once your hair is close to dry, turn up the heat on the ghd air and flip your head back up, continuing now with a ghd Ceramic Radial Brush. I like a soft no-parting look so really work the brush around the head, starting from the front, in all directions. When using a radial brush keep turning it back away from the face as you pull up from the roots. Keep the ghd air nozzle close and move your hair around both the underside and the top of the brush.

5. Make use of the cool shot button on ghd air to fix the style, bringing a cool shot of air over the hair as you dry with the radial brush will fix it in place. Once the hair is completely dry and volume perfected, a blast of cold underneath the style will give it a tousled look.

6. To complete the look use the ghd Style Final Fix Spray to give hold and shape to your volume.

All ghd products are available in the finest salons and at www.ghdhair.com

ghd air RRP £99
ghd Style RRP £10-£15
ghd brushes £7.50-£20

Monday, 9 January 2012

Burton reveals spring/summer 2012 trends

Burton has revealed its latest trends for spring/summer 2012, with the men's fashion retailer creating a masculine silhouette that is playful, sporty and easy to assemble.

Catering for cheeky chappies hitting the festival circuit hard as well as those Mod men addicted to tailoring, this season Burton focuses its trends to add a breath of fresh air to customer's new wardrobes.

Tailoring and formalwear takes inspiration from the Mod movement as Burton's Mod Men trend comes into its own but adds a 'laddy' twist. Focusing on slim and tailored fit suits, the trend for spring summer is sharp and clean and uses tonics and sheen to add a lustrous finish on suit fabrics.

Shirts are clean with considered details and new collar shapes while the trousers become that little bit narrower. Key pieces include the single breasted, notch lapel, tonic, slim fit suit in a rich blue that is sure to break a few bridesmaids hearts come the summer wedding season.

The new Modern Heritage trend takes inspiration from Savile Row and Jermyn Street but gives a modern twist through up to date cut and detailing. The heritage influence can be found in the use of fabrics, with the Prince of Wales check arriving in a grey 3 piece that wouldn't look out of place on the lawn at Brideshead.

Spring also sees the introduction of City Trekker, a trend that has nautical and sporty influences and creates a pared down way of dressing. Statements are made through colour blocking and combine fresh and bright tones alongside stones and navy blues.

This transitional trend has been inspired by city living and draws on the growing desire within urban landscapes for outdoor pursuits such as trekking and cycling. Key pieces include the anorak or utility inspired outerwear in bright colours, sweatshirts, chambray shirts, colour block tees, slim leg laundered chinos, Jack Purcel inspired plimsolls and coloured stripe tees.

Moving into summer, the Summer Trekker uses colour in abundance. This trend comprises of both casual and beach dressing and mixing this trend with neutrals and whites can make it more accessible as the loud colour pops are not for the faint hearted.

Key pieces include large scale striped tees and polos as well as geometric graphic tees, bleached out chambray shirts, bright coloured chinos and chino shorts, fresh short sleeve linen shirts and the coloured boat shoe.

Also available for summer is the new Festival trend from Burton, creating comfortable dressing that is easy to wear. Laundered finishes and garment dying, as well as warm and sun bleached colours, make this trend the epitome of laid back cool. Loose fitting vests, ethnic patterned tees, vintage cargo shorts, bleach wash twist denim jeans and slub check shirts create a look that is layered and earthy.

Men's accessories are also key, with lightweight scarfs and straw trilbies being the festival fail safe while lace up espadrilles and leather sandals are perfect for those days when no wellies are required.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

For A Fantastic Body Boost In 2012 ... Check Out Knowle Grange Health Spa

If in this Olympic year you are looking for a friendly and relaxed gym, you need look no further than Knowle Grange Health Spa in Frant, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where getting fitter is affordable and fun. In addition to a warm natural spring water swimming pool and gym, members can also enjoy the candle lit spa bath and sauna.

New exercise classes and 1 to 1 swimming instruction have been introduced for 2012 including new Ballet Based Pilates classes by former professional Royal Ballet dancer and Rambert trained, Gaby Valenti. These new classes have been designed to sculpt your body and tighten your tummy and can be specifically tailored to smooth your contours and improve your posture. Pilates makes you feel calmer and more focused without breaking into a sweat and at Knowle Grange the self conscious can even book individual classes. Group classes have a maximum of six per class.

To make the most of the natural spring water pool why not enrol in the new one to one swimming lessons designed to improve your swimming stroke and technique. Classes are taken by former triathlete Kenny Hickey, who has trained with Linford Christie.

Get Ski Fit with Pilates. Pilates classes at Knowle Grange are perfect for getting core abdominal muscles strengthened in time for the ski season as it's not just your thighs that feel the burn when you ski as the lower back and stomach can also ache if not effectively strengthened. Skiing from your core actually improves control and balance which in turn improves style and helps you tackle more challenging runs.

Sue Hutchings, who owns and manages Knowle Grange, helps members put a tailored fitness programme into place to achieve fitness and weight goals. This can be achieved by combining swimming, a gym programme or 1 to 1 workouts with a personal trainer.

When your muscles need a little TLC Knowle Grange can offer physiotherapy, deep tissue massage and sports massage from any of the10 strong team of highly trained professionals.

Knowle Grange offers a wonderful range of pamper days and beauty treatments including Rejuvanessence treatments - a wonderfully holistic therapy that gently lifts and releases the facial muscles and helps promote a more youthful appearance.

If you'd like to give any pamper treats, membership or classes as a gift, personalised vouchers are available which come in beautiful gift bags.

To find out more visit www.knowlegrange.co.uk

Cyprus will be the wedding venue for Summer 2012

The team at Perfect Weddings Abroad are celebrating their recent win at the British Travel Awards with an exclusive offer - “Chase the Bride 2012”. Perfect Weddings Abroad picked up the prize for the Best Specialist Weddings Abroad and Honeymoons Operator, at the glitzy awards dinner in Battersea Park, London; after enjoying its busiest ever summer of weddings worldwide.

Weddings abroad are once again tipped to grow in popularity during 2012, as a cheaper alternative to marrying in the UK, a sign of the times. Cyprus is renowned for the numbers of British wedding couples that it attracts to its shores each year, and hotels on the island have been getting increasingly innovative in the way that they attract couples planning to tie the knot. Perfect Weddings Abroad has teamed up with Constantinou Bros Hotels in Cyprus, to offer wedding couples the opportunity of a free holiday when getting married in Cyprus this summer.

Perfect Weddings Abroad has a network of UK-based weddings abroad specialists to compliment their growing range of professional wedding coordinators worldwide. For couples looking to get married abroad they speak to a destination specialist in the UK who can discuss the most suitable wedding venues with the couple, before the couple liaises with the company's in-resort specialists who plan the wedding details in advance of the couple's arrival. Cyprus is the company's biggest selling wedding destination.

The Athena Beach Hotel is one of Paphos' most popular wedding hotels. The property features two beachside wedding locations, the Adonis Garden Venue and the Persefoni Gazebo Venue. Both locations look out to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and provide a stunning back drop for wedding photos. In addition to this, the hotel is situated directly on the beach and is blessed with one of the best sunsets that the island of Cyprus has to offer.

Chase the Bride 2012 offers wedding couples the opportunity of getting married in Cyprus and receive free flights, transfers and a stay in return for 10 guest rooms being booked through Perfect Weddings Abroad.

As 2012 is a leap year, it means that there is the special leap day on the 29th February, when traditions are broken, and females propose. Perfect Weddings Abroad, Marketing Director, Danny Waine explained, “so many couples get engaged over the Christmas and New Year period and book their wedding abroad in the early part of the year, it made sense to launch the offer now. I guess leaving the offer open until the 29th February gives brides the option of booking their wedding, holiday and all of the wedding guests, before she has even proposed to her husband to be!”

For more details visit www.PerfectWeddingsAbroad.co.uk

That's Health: British men have serious body insecurities - New R...

That's Health: British men have serious body insecurities - New R...: New research shows that men have serious issues and that talking about your body is no longer confined to women. A major national study ex...

That's Health: Great news, calories are meaningless!

That's Health: Great news, calories are meaningless!: There have never been more low calorie and low fat products in the supermarkets, with some “light” products doubling their market share ye...

More reductions at AllSaints!

AllSaints Spitalfields continue their Sale with further reductions. Shop selected sale styles with up to 50% off, both instore and online at AllSaints.com.

The AllSaints Sale continues with up to 50% off selected styles; both in store and online at AllSaints.com.

AllSaints offer Free delivery on all UK and European orders from the UK AllSaints.com website; while International orders are dispatched with Free delivery on orders over £250.

With further reductions on selected Sale styles; there is no shortage of options for fans of the brand. In Menswear, knitwear is an exciting category that includes a mix of mid weight lambswool styles, ideal for layering to complete an on point look and chunky styles made from a luxury alpaca blend yarn to keep warm in the Winters final months.

Furthermore, be sure to check out the Mens denim range to find the perfect wash at a fraction of the usual cost. The authentic vintage washes and innovative treatments are developed to ensure that AllSaints jeans can be lived in whilst evoking optimum durability and include a range of straight leg, slim fit and tapered fits.

For women looking for sale shopping inspiration, look no further than the luxurious design led Leather Jackets. Slim fitting suede shearling, heavily washed premium Italian leather and high standard colourfast sheepskin inspire AllSaints signature fitted silhouettes and are all essential styling items for winter.

In addition, AllSaints are offering a wide range of sale womens footwear to compliment any outfit. Continuing on a vintage look, durable leather military boots are available as well as high pull boots that can also be worn at the ankle and luxurious authentic sheepskin slouchy calf boots.

Also available in the AllSaints Sale are accessories, small leather items and jewellery.

Shop online at www.AllSaints.com

What secrets are hidden in your handbag?

Get your FREE, revealing ‘Bagology Reading’ throughout January 2012 with The Bentall Centre, South West London's premier shopping centre.

Are you someone who doesn’t have just one, but two mobile phones in your bag? How many sticks of lipstick do you carry? Do you ever leave home without your hand moisturiser? All these things tell a deeper story about you and your personality.

The Bentall Centre has teamed up with the UK’s leading Bagologist, Debbie Percy, to offer a limited number of FREE handbag readings on The Bentall Centre Facebook page.


It’s simple - just visit www.facebook.com/TheBentallCentre, ‘like’ the page, take a photo of the contents of your handbag and then upload it to the Facebook Wall. Three bags will be randomly selected by Debbie every weekday (excluding weekends) for a detailed reading and her analysis published underneath each photo. To be considered for selection, uploads must be made between 1st January & 29th March 2012. Please note that by uploading your photograph there is NO guarantee of receiving a reading.


This is not a competition, but by uploading a picture of your handbag contents for analysis it is assumed that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of this event. This process is open to both men and women anywhere in the world. The acceptance, disqualification or deletion of uploaded pictures, without explanation or prior notification is entirely at the discretion of The Bentall Centre.

Content should only be submitted by someone of 16 years and above. Only one upload is permitted per person. Photographs can be submitted up until 12pm on 29th February 2012 or until 60 bag readings have been completed by Debbie.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Exclusive design

Cocorose London Design Exclusive BAFTA Foldable Ballet Pump And Travel Purse For Official Nominee Gift Bags At The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2012.

Cocorose London have designed an Exclusive Black and Jewelled Foldable Ballet Pump and Gold Signature Travel Purse for the nominees and presenters attending the Film Awards on Sunday 12 February 2012 at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

“We feel incredibly honoured and proud to be an Official Gift Partner to BAFTA, and to be invited for the third year running to design a bespoke foldable ballet shoe and travel purse exclusively for their Gift Bag,” says Janan Leo, the 31-year-old Founder and Creative Director of Cocorose London.

“Cocorose London is a young, British company and I am so appreciative of all the wonderful support that BAFTA have given, and continue to give to us.”

Cocorose London ballet pumps fold in half, come beautifully presented in their own luxury travel purse, fit neatly into designer handbags, and can be slipped into whenever desired. High-heels are then simply tucked into the accompanying black satin shoulder-bag, hidden in the back pocket of the purse.

Cocorose London are stocked in Fortnum & Mason and other exclusive boutiques and department stores in London, the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan and are available online from www.cocoroselondon.com

Introducing Look Beauty

Look make-up is hitting the high street. The ultimate collection of colours to satisfy every taste and trend, this is accessible glamour for everybody.

The Look Beauty team have developed the range in support of cancer charity Look Good...Feel Better, and personally worked on every aspect, to get the make-up we want, and we know our readers want, in their make-up collection.

The Ashley Isham print that runs throughout the range gives a unique twist to satisfy our readers' (OK, and our) obsession with all things fashion. The pink is a classic Look love. The chunky packaging is value and aesthetics in one and the make-up is as the tag line says: designed, tested and worn by the beauty brains at Look magazine.

From the first magazine make-up launch ever, the seriously extensive range is born of beautiful, quality formulations in the most comprehensive range of shades in suitably cute packaging. Look Beauty is ready to nestle in make-up bags nationwide.

With over 100 beauty essentials to try, including 32 mono eyeshadows, triple hit eye compacts, foundations (including a BB cream), primers, eye kohls, liquid liners, lip duos, glosses, lipsticks, bronzers, blushers, 32 nail polishes and entire looks in a box - complete with step by steps - that's pretty much every beauty fix sorted till our seasonal Limited Editions hit the shelves later. Watch this space...

The Look Beauty Team's Hero Products:

Sophie Beresiner, Beauty Editor at LOOK, says:
"I was most excited about getting the finished Loud Lips in Tangerine Cream back on my desk. This is the Lara Stone of lipsticks. I love this shade, it's the perfect powdery coral pink that warms up my whole face. So far I've worn it pretty much every day. I promise it wasn't me who made it sell out in Superdrug Westfield..."
Loud Lips Lipstick in Tangerine Cream, RRP £7

Katie Selby, Beauty Writer at LOOK, says:
"Blusher is my thing - I'm obsessed with finding the perfect, realistic glow in every colour. Creating Make Me Blush was so exciting. Every single colour makes cheeks look fresh and plump. They are the ultimate instant perk-me-up!"
Make Me Blush Blusher in Rosie, RRP £8

Sam Freedman, Beauty Assistant at LOOK, says:
"Oomph Lashes almost make my own ones look like falsies. As an eyelash fanatic I can proudly say this mascara is never leaving my side. And the Ashley Isham patterned lid always gets me compliments when I take it out of my make-up bag." Oomph Lash Mascara, RRP £7

Happy 35th Birthday To Us! And The 'King Of Colour' Has Done It Again...

Daniel Galvin OBE is renowned for being the ‘King of Colour’. During the 1960s he invented ‘Crazy Colour’, he modernised the highlighting industry with his ‘Brickwork’ technique and throughout the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has been continually developing his art by coming up with new, innovative ways of creating the perfect hair colour.

2012 marks 35 years of business for Daniel Galvin and his Marylebone salon and to celebrate this, Daniel has launched a revolutionary new way of colouring the hair. Our new exciting technique is called Finger Painting by Daniel Galvin and is a free-flowing, effortless look produced by gradually coaxing and teasing the colour through the middle to the tips of the hair with the fingers rather than applying the colour using combs and brushes and baking it in foils.

Using a specially prepared formula Daniel lifts the colour that already lies within the natural pigment of the hair, producing a hue that is a few shades lighter than the original and thus delivering a soft, uncontrived effect. Similarly, the finger weaving produces a gentle, more unaffected appearance, avoiding harsh, angular foil lines.

Daniel is thrilled to once again bring a new colouring procedure to the industry: “My key professional aim is to ‘Enhance Natural Beauty’ and I feel that this technique perfectly demonstrates that philosophy. This is such an ideal method for me – by using my hands I’m really getting in touch with my canvas and forcing to the surface that inner natural beauty.”

Introducing The New Limited Edition ghd Scarlet Collection

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, ghd Scarlet makes you the fiercest of them all"

World leading professional hair styling brand ghd introduces the ultimate gift - the ghd Scarlet Collection. This new limited edition collection sees the ghd Gold Classic styler transformed with opulent red accents in a celebration of 1920s glamour and glitz - one of AW11's most enchanting and alluring trends. Ideal for girls on the go, the Scarlet Collection Deluxe also features a compact ghd travel hair dryer and styler clutch bag, enclosed in a deep red vanity case - making it the most enviable present to give and receive this season.

Inspired by the revelry and glamour of the roaring 20s, the slick new styler offers a dramatic twist on this most alluring of decades and is available in two luxurious art deco styled gift set options.

To launch the collection, Katy Perry, face of ghd and the epitome of modern style and fashion has been given a ‘20s make over bringing to life the decadence and sophistication of the time. Katy is immortalised as a mystical Snow White for the Scarlet Collection campaign, shot by world renowned photographer David LaChapelle.

The limited editions are presented in two luxury art deco indulgent gift set options, both available this autumn. The Scarlet Collection includes a gorgeous heat resistant red satin styler roll bag, perfectly encasing the limited edition red plated stylers, along with two sectioning clips and protective plate guard.

Ideal for girls on the go, the Scarlet Collection Deluxe also features a compact ghd travel hair dryer and styler clutch bag, enclosed in a deep red vanity case - making it the most enviable present to give and receive this season.

ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe
Presented in an eye-catching art deco inspired red vanity case, the ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe gift set includes a ghd Gold Classic styler featuring limited edition red plates and accents, plus protective plate guard, a ghd travel hair dryer and two sectioning clips - plus a luxury satin heat resistant clutch. RRP: £149

ghd Scarlet Collection
Inspired by the slick trend of the 1920's, the ghd Scarlet Collection includes the ghd Gold Classic styler with seductive red plates and accents, protective plate guard, two ghd sectioning clips - beautifully presented in a stunning red art deco inspired satin styler roll bag.
RRP: £129

The Australian Botanics Company Dry Skin Face Cream

The Australian Botanics Company launches a new face cream for dry skin, freshly made with Australian ingredients such as the essence from the Australian Banksia flower.

The essence is extracted from the nectar of the nutrient-rich flower of the woody Banksia Tree found growing wild on the coastal regions of southern Australia. The essence contains vitamins, proteins and sugars as well as amino acids, and anti-oxidants A, C and E, the benefits of which work synergistically to improve skin firmness and vitality. This helps to smooth and soften the skin. The cream also contains nutrient rich hemp seed oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera and shea butter.

Company founder and pharmacist, Suresh Mistry created the exciting range of Australian natural products using his pharmacy training, his keen interest in manufacturing and an upbringing where natural remedies were used to treat common aliments.

“The Australian Banksia Flower essence is rich in natural anti-oxidants such as vitamins C, A and E, these mop up the free radicals created by the sun that damage skin collagen and hence cause pre-mature ageing and wrinkles. The natural oils used in making the cream also nourish the skin with essential fatty acids and whilst the nutrient rich aloe vera soothes and hydrates the skin.”

“I think customers will love this product as it’s genuinely natural, freshly made and a great products for normal to dry skin!”

Australian Botanics Dry skin face cream is now available in boutique shops, spas and other natural store outlets, or online at www.australianbotanics.com The Australian Botanics Company also has a large range of other natural and exciting feel-good products for the hair, face, hands, body and feet, including indulgence products such as bath salts – ALL freshly made!! A percentage of the profits will support and benefit the aboriginal community of Australia.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Top Brand Winter Fashions on a Budget with Latest DiscountVouchers.co.uk Offers

Boots, jeans, jackets and more with savings at leading stores through leading voucher codes site!

Marks and Spencer, White Stuff and New Look are the big retail names available on a budget this January through the new clothing deals sourced by voucher codes specialist DiscountVouchers.co.uk. The website offers shoppers savings at hundreds of on and offline retailers, and is this week helping people get money off new styles and boots for the winter season.

DiscountVouchers.co.uk is always home to the very biggest retail names on its site, and this week the site has sourced new deals for saving at top high street outlet New Look. Shoppers can log on and browse a choice of New Look discount codes and treat themselves to 2 for £20 on men's jeans, women's briefs 3 for £7 and women's printed t-shirts 2 for £12.

Other top brands to be had on a budget for winter include deals redeemable at famous name Marks and Spencer. The DiscountVouchers.co.uk site has been updated this week to feature new M&S voucher codes which can help shoppers save on boots in the shape 25% off men's boots or 25% off selected women's long boots.

Voucher codes can be a big bonus to shoppers when refreshing a winter wardrobe after an expensive Christmas period, and DiscountVouchers.co.uk can help in a big way this week. New money-saving White Stuff deals on show include a fantastic value up to 50% off - perfect for helping shoppers get more for their money.

Doug Scott, managing director of DiscountVouchers.co.uk, comments, “Our team of staff works hard to make sure our site users can always browse the latest retail deals. Top stores available on a budget this January include Marks and Spencer, New Look and White Stuff - all great places at which to refresh a winter wardrobe."

DiscountVouchers.co.uk offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, lastminute.com and Boden.

For more information visit www.discountvouchers.co.uk