Sunday, 10 April 2011

Flexitol Callus Remover Cream gets rid of hard skin

Everyone has suffered from this at one time or another. You might be suffering now. Badly fitting shoes and socks, thin soled shoes and high heels cause pressure and friction at particular points on the feet.

The result? Calluses. Areas of thickened, hard and sometimes cracked skin, which can make walking or standing for long periods uncomfortable and potentially painful.

And the problem can be made worse by other factors including obesity, deformities or other problems with the feet. Left untreated, calluses can become a deterrent to normal day-to-day activities.

But Flexitol, a leading worldwide skincare brand, has an exciting new product that's aimed at helping melt away those patches of thickened, hard skin with results that you will be able to see within one week.

Calluses may be removed professionally by a podiatrist using a scalpel, but this is one thing you really should never try at home, especially when there is a new, clinically proven way to get rid of unsightly, calluses from the Flexitol footcare experts.

Flexitol Callus Remover Cream contains:
• AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) which are used in many skincare products to help remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier, softer, younger-looking skin. AHAs penetrate into the upper layers of the skin to break down dead, callused skin cells without harming the normal skin beneath.

• Urea, the moisturising substance found naturally in the skin. When the outer layer of the skin – the stratum corneum – loses moisture it becomes dry and it can become thickened, scaly and even cracked, but urea rehydrates the skin as it penetrates the stratum corneum, absorbing and retaining moisture.

The richly moisturising base helps the cream stay in place, giving it time to penetrate, hydrate and loosen dead skin cells.

Flexitol Callus Remover Cream is available in a 56g tube with a recommended retail price of £5.50.

Losers can be winners!

A workout expert and TV star is came to a Lichfield health club to meet members and hold exclusive exercise classes.

Richard Callender, who trains contestants on ITV’s The Biggest Loser, was holding the classes at Esporta Health and Racquets Club Lichfield, on Birmingham Road, Shenstone, on the afternoon of Saturday April 2nd.

The Biggest Loser is the UK version of the hit US TV show where overweight challengers compete to win a cash prize by losing the most weight.

Richard is a much sought-after personal trainer and was chatting to members and guide them through three workouts called ‘Armageddon Bootcamp’, ‘Urban Funk’ and ‘Soul Stretch’.

Jo Ward, the general manager of Esporta Health and Racquets Club Lichfield, said: “There was a lot of buzz among members about meeting Richard, especially the ladies!

“We are always looking for something different for our studio classes and it’s fantastic to get such a well-known celebrity in the club."

“After the classes he was holding a question and answer session with members, so they could benefit from his knowledge as a high level studio instructor and personal trainer.”

For more information about the Esporta Health and Racquets Club Lichfield please go to

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hair icon, Andrew Collinge, launches innovative hair app

Andrew Collinge has an international reputation in hairdressing circles. His undoubted ability to dress long hair is recognised and respected by beauty editors, hairdressers and clients, and it his passion for sharing knowledge that inspired the launch of the Two Minute Up-Do app.

The Two Minute Up-Do app, which is free to download now, introduces four easy to follow step by step videos each lasting two minutes long. The videos showcase beautiful Andrew Collinge up-dos from twisted chignons to stylish pleats, all of which are secured in place with only one pin. The viewer can rewind and pause the videos at will, to master the techniques taught by the master hairstylist.

The universal application is compatible with i-phone, i-touch and i-pad and also has the added benefit of providing the viewer with an interactive gallery of the Collinge family history of hairdressing, which is now over a century old.

During this slideshow Andrew will chat to you about some of his favourite long hairstyles that he has created over the years. An interactive Denman catalogue made up of stills, commentary and music featuring an extensive selection of individual brushes and styling tools is also included to help create the perfect up-do.

As well as learning four contemporary styles that are just right for all those nights out or special occasions, you will also be helping a great cause. Because Andrew Collinge is the patron of the UK charity campaign Design For Life, where he aims to raise £2million to transform the lives of those with learning difficulties.

Andrew commented ‘After many years of involvement I have seen first hand how the support provided by the Self Unlimited charity can really make a positive difference to the quality of life for some of the most disadvantaged people in our society. The app will help raise valuable funds to support these people now and in the future.’

The Two Minute Up-Do app is available free for download now from the Apple App Store. To download the free app simply go the App Store and search for 'Andrew Collinge' Users can then order the videos individually or altogether from within the application. Each video will cost £1.19 (approx USA, $ 1.99 and EURO, €1.39) All proceeds of the app will go directly to the Design For Life campaign in association with SelfUnlimted (reg charity no. 250058).

The Andrew Collinge app was devised by Park Networks. Founded by Mark Gorton, Park Networks is a content creation and production company working in television and new media. Mark and Andrew have been friends for many years.

The app was designed and built by Dynamic Leap Technology, a high-tech shop in Vancouver, Canada, building applications for mobile devices, specialising in iPhone and iPad apps and solutions. "Our mission is to help and guide our customers, and deliver to them high quality products on time and on budget while surpassing expectations," says CEO Andrei Iancu.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Best-selling Weight Loss Aid Available Without Prescription

It has been revealed that GPs are prescribing almost 1.5 million weight loss pills each year, showing how the industry is desperately trying to reverse the obesity epidemic sweeping the UK, and the world.

Best-selling weight loss Meratol, is clinically proven to work and is the most effective pill people can use to lose weight, get fit, and become healthier without the need for a prescription. After phenomenal success in America with celebrity fans including Courtney Cox, Eva Longoria, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, advance orders totalled over 30,000 for the UK when it launched at the beginning of the year.

This month is it being launched into Boots and Lloyds stores nationwide so that more of the ever-expanding population can get their hands on the all-natural wonder pill. With summer fast approaching, Bank Holiday time off, people are now beginning to start thinking seriously about their weight loss plans. The makers of Meratol have seen a 200% increase in sales since their phenomenal launch in January.

A spokesperson for the weight loss aid said: "Obesity is costing the country millions every year in healthcare, transport and benefits. As a country we are waking up to the fact that we need to tackle to problem head-on, as otherwise the percentage of obese individuals in the UK will keep on increasing. Meratol is the most effective way to combat the flab without needing to see your GP, and as it is 100% natural there are absolutely no side-effects.

"Meratol can help you start taking responsibility for your weight and fitness without the need for a fad diet or rigorous gym routine, which means people are more likely to stick to it. We have found that 82% of people give up their summer diets by mid-June when they get bored of their regime and believe it is too late to achieve good results. With Meratol you can shed between 3-5 lbs a week, and burn up to 310 calories just sitting at your desk!"

No other weight loss pill includes the same powerful combination of extracts to target weight loss using a 4-tier system approach that focuses on the before, during and after stages of losing weight. It is four times as effective as other diet pills as it increases your metabolism, reduces calorie intake, blocks carbohydrates and burns up to 12 x more calories all at once, giving you immediate weight loss.

Meratol is available at, Boots and Lloyds pharmacies at £29.99 for a month's supply.

(EDITOR: Before starting on any diet or slimming programme always check with your doctor and pharmacist, especially if you have any pre-existing medical condition)

Organic Beauty To Take Away: Travel Light With Evolve's Luxury Minis

evolve beauty is designed to bring you better living. Their certified organic products are 99%+ natural and contain highly effective bio actives to make a visible difference to your skin, body and hair.

They have created a summer sampler kit the pick of the bunch £15.99 with 4 50ml luxury mini versions of their best selling body care products, which will smooth and hydrate the skin, and keep it looking lovely all summer long. Inside the sustainably printed box is:

The heavenly body polish - an irresistible coconut body polish that buffs the skin to smooth perfection

The radiance boost body cream - which smoothes and brightens with vitamin C rich acerola cherry

The mega omega body cream - which nourishes and boosts elasticity with omega rich fair trade inchi oil

The skin cocoon body wash - which soothes and hydrates with almond peptides

We also offer all of their body collection in miniature form for £3.99 each, for travel or trial.

Please visit for more details

As well as being a little healthier, evolve beauty products are greener, with sleek recycled packaging All products are produced in the UK. The range retails below £20, for green living that doesn't cost the earth.

Healthy, Strong Summer Locks

With the summer in sight it's essential that like our bodies, we prepare our hair for the harsh summer sun, with over exposure to damaging elements like the sun's harmful UV rays our hair ends up more damaged than ever before with dry roots and fried ends hair often appears lacklustre and broken as a result of the summer sun.
Unlucky for our hair, this time of year brings other harmful elements to our fragile hair with salt in the sea and chlorine filled swimming pools, our hair is likely to be stripped of its natural moisture leaving it dry, brittle and susceptible to breakage.

To strengthen hair this summer, renowned trichologist Tony Maleedy recommends using the acclaimed LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo (£14.99) to keep hair strong and healthy this summer. Tony comments "Hair is at its most vulnerable in the summer with over exposure to the sun causing worse damage to the hair than heat styling with a hair dryer, straighteners or curlers.

"As you would with skin, prepare your hair for your summer holiday this year by using the LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo for at least one month before jetting off. Continue to use throughout your holiday to keep hair strong, healthy and shiny and for at least one month after leaving hair beautifully conditioned, strong and healthier than ever."

The LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo helps nourish the hair and maintains the optimum conditions for a healthy scalp by increasing circulation to the scalp thus creating a healthy environment for hair growth giving us long flowing and strong hair this summer.

Simply massage a small amount of shampoo through wet hair, starting from the roots and working through to the ends. No conditioner is
required as the formulation contains luxurious conditioning agents and any barriers placed on the hair would prevent the active ingredients penetrating the hair shaft.

LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo £14.99

Available from 0845 0701782

“Yummy Mummy Pressure Comes From School Gates, Not Celebs” Survey

50% of mums feel pressure to look good from other mums versus only 10% from celebrities

1/3 of mums spend less than 5 minutes in the morning doing their makeup compared to 1/5 of non-mums

40% of mums felt better about themselves before children

1 in 10 mums have avoided social situations because they are unhappy with their appearance

Only 2% of women selected their mums as their beauty role models

A new survey commissioned by Sheer Cover® mineral makeup polling 1,600 women across the UK shows that the majority of mums are feeling pretty depressed about their appearance. So much so that over 40% of mums agree to feeling more confident and attractive before they had children, and 1 in 10 admit to avoiding social situations due to a lack of confidence in their appearance. It’s no surprise however when you consider that motherhood results in a 50% decrease in pamper time according to the mums surveyed.

More surprising is the fact that 56% agreed that friends and other mums made them feel self-conscious while only 10% of respondents felt pressure from celebrity mums despite the likes of red-carpet beauties such Gisele Bundchen and Danni Minogue flaunting flawless figures and fresh-faces weeks after giving birth. Even more reason for mums to make that little extra added effort each morning before approaching the school gates!

When questioned about other sources of inspiration however, one startling find was that only 2% of women name their own mothers as their top beauty role model. One mum who bucks the trend and hopes to inspire her own daughter in years to come is red-carpet veteran, beauty enthusiast and Sheer Cover® brand ambassador Emma Forbes who comments: “My mum was always an amazing beauty role model who enjoyed dressing up and passing along all her trade secrets. I’ve always enjoyed makeup and it makes me feel more confident; I hope my children benefit from seeing me take care of myself.”

Armand Beasley, top makeup artist for Sheer Cover® comments, "For busy mums on the go, it’s important that they look and feel the best they possibly can. It doesn't have to take an hour and you don't have to look like a supermodel! You only need 10mins to get up and glow!"

With a full range of sheer, natural, mineral makeup ideal for day or evening looks, Sheer Cover® products boast healthy formulas that can be worn all day long without feeling cakey. Worn by Hollywood beauties, Sheer Cover® gives a flawless finish in photos, and flatters skin of all ages. Easy to apply and long-lasting, Sheer Cover® makes nailing the perfect School-Run look a breeze.

If you or your mum is in need of a makeover – log on to to enter the ultimate mothers’ day competition.

For Armand Beasley’s Top Ten Quick Makeup Tips for Mums (see attached) or to purchase Sheer Cover®, visit RRPs for the full range start from £29.99.

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