Sunday, 3 April 2011

“Yummy Mummy Pressure Comes From School Gates, Not Celebs” Survey

50% of mums feel pressure to look good from other mums versus only 10% from celebrities

1/3 of mums spend less than 5 minutes in the morning doing their makeup compared to 1/5 of non-mums

40% of mums felt better about themselves before children

1 in 10 mums have avoided social situations because they are unhappy with their appearance

Only 2% of women selected their mums as their beauty role models

A new survey commissioned by Sheer Cover® mineral makeup polling 1,600 women across the UK shows that the majority of mums are feeling pretty depressed about their appearance. So much so that over 40% of mums agree to feeling more confident and attractive before they had children, and 1 in 10 admit to avoiding social situations due to a lack of confidence in their appearance. It’s no surprise however when you consider that motherhood results in a 50% decrease in pamper time according to the mums surveyed.

More surprising is the fact that 56% agreed that friends and other mums made them feel self-conscious while only 10% of respondents felt pressure from celebrity mums despite the likes of red-carpet beauties such Gisele Bundchen and Danni Minogue flaunting flawless figures and fresh-faces weeks after giving birth. Even more reason for mums to make that little extra added effort each morning before approaching the school gates!

When questioned about other sources of inspiration however, one startling find was that only 2% of women name their own mothers as their top beauty role model. One mum who bucks the trend and hopes to inspire her own daughter in years to come is red-carpet veteran, beauty enthusiast and Sheer Cover® brand ambassador Emma Forbes who comments: “My mum was always an amazing beauty role model who enjoyed dressing up and passing along all her trade secrets. I’ve always enjoyed makeup and it makes me feel more confident; I hope my children benefit from seeing me take care of myself.”

Armand Beasley, top makeup artist for Sheer Cover® comments, "For busy mums on the go, it’s important that they look and feel the best they possibly can. It doesn't have to take an hour and you don't have to look like a supermodel! You only need 10mins to get up and glow!"

With a full range of sheer, natural, mineral makeup ideal for day or evening looks, Sheer Cover® products boast healthy formulas that can be worn all day long without feeling cakey. Worn by Hollywood beauties, Sheer Cover® gives a flawless finish in photos, and flatters skin of all ages. Easy to apply and long-lasting, Sheer Cover® makes nailing the perfect School-Run look a breeze.

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