Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Celebrate Handmade With Holly and Ruby

Why not celebrate the handmade tradition and bag yourself some style with a difference?  For a delightful handmade haven, take a peek at Holly and Ruby, Yorkshire-based fashion accessory label. 

Founder Holly Davis, who recently relocated from the north-east back to her Yorkshire roots, is passionate about working small scale and bringing individuality back to fashion.  Holly and Ruby is an online treasure-trove of original, handmade handbags.

Each piece is lovingly made in the small Yorkshire studio by the Holly and Ruby team. “The design team is currently just me” says Holly. “I quite like it that way though. It means I can cater to my creative whims as I please.” 

Holly set up Holly and Ruby in response to the growing domination of mass-manufacture.  “I understand the role of mass-manufacture within fashion. However, I also strongly believe there is also a place for originality that is affordable and desirable“, says Holly.

“Each piece from Holly and Ruby is original and absolutely unique. I never make two bags the same. Once each bag is made, I give it a name and a character description. When you buy one of our bags, you are buying a unique piece of artwork, something especially for you.” It is these qualities that make Holly and Ruby an important part of the handmade revival.  

Holly and Ruby offer a design for every occasion, from bags such as the desirable Lady in Red to the wild and funky Wild Child. 

“There are design and production skills that we, as a culture, are in danger of losing unless we celebrate handmade and encourage others to do the same.”  Holly continues, “There is something satisfying and authentic about owning your own slice of fashion, something that belongs to no one else. That is style that you cannot buy from high street.” 

To celebrate handmade, Holly and Ruby are offering a fantastic 15% discount from their online store Quote offer code HANDMADE24 Offer expires 31/01/12

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