Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Twinkling Toes For Party Season With Scholl

With party season upon us it's time to air out the little black dress and peep toe heels in preparation for dancing the night away. But with heavy boots stifling our toes all winter, what do you do about those tired nails and feet? Never fear, Scholl has some perfect solutions to keep toes twinkling this festive season.

To banish foot faux pas such as chipped nails, dry skin or unsightly cuticles, Scholl's Color Pop Portable Manicure Set can be used on both hands and feet to get them party perfect. With two speed settings and seven attachments, the rechargeable wand can be used to tackle troublesome nails, dry or hard skin and untidy cuticles. It also contains exfoliating stones to smooth the skin and  you can finish off by shaping the nails with the fine grain cone attachment.

Or for an extra special treatment, the experts at Scholl recommend a regular foot spa to keep skin soft and supple. To tackle dry skin, Scholl's Color Pop Foot Spa uses massage attachments including a pumice stone to smooth soles, as well as massage rollers and acupressure pads. The foot spa uses a range of relaxing programs to soothe tired feet, with vibrations to enhance the benefits of the textured base of the spa, and bubbles to help boost circulation in the feet and legs. The thermal design helps the spa maintain heat for long, leisurely relaxation, ready for braving the chilly weather.

For the ultimate relaxation whilst preparing your feet for pampering, the Scholl Arctic Heat Shiatsu Foot Massager uses four Shiatsu nodes to penetrate aching muscles, sooth tensions and reduce any swelling in the feet before donning heels and heading out to party. The infrared heating and cold air propulsion system means that massages can be tailored to different needs, invigorating tired feet or soothing tight muscles.

So this festive season, get your feet twinkling and prepared to party with expert pampering tools from Scholl.

(UPDATE: My wife swears by her Colourpop rechargeable Travel Manicure Set. ""It's amazing! Really fantastic! Not only is it small, it has a wonderful range of attachments, 7 in total. Shaping, coarse and fine, polishing, rounded and pointed stones and a cleaning brush. It's wonderful!")

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