Sunday, 5 February 2012

Leggings that help wearers get thinner launched by Tights Please

It’s true. A new range of shape and tone leggings which not only makes the wearer look thinner but which also keeps them in trim has been launched by online tights retailer, Tights Please.

Designed to flatter the figure, the Trinny and Susannah Shape & Tone Leggings for Slimming “bring back a firm and youthful body” say the eponymous style gurus and assist in smoothing the tummy, shaping the bottom, and sculpting the hips and thighs.

Flying in the face of those that claim leggings do no more than encourage laziness, obscure true body shape, and lead to weight gain, the Trinny and Susannah leggings presented by Tights Please actually provide extra support and resistance when moving, improve circulation and encourage weight loss.

Furthermore, the soft, super opaque (170 denier), matt textured leggings do not sag due to the quality of the yarn used in their manufacture and they provide additional support for the lower back and extra comfort for the tummy and bottom due to the absence of a seam.

Nicola Pringle, Buying and Marketing Manager at Tights Please, said: “The wearing of leggings is seen by many as a charter for laziness, and until now this view may have had a certain degree of validity.

“Whist it is true that many women wear leggings because of their convenience, comfort, and ease of use, the new range of Trinny and Susannah leggings is set to challenge, and in all likelihood, put an end to grumblings over the misleading benefits of leggings and their consequential effect on body shape.”

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