Tuesday, 28 February 2012

T M Lewin introduces a brand new range of suits at prices to suit

With the recession biting at the heels of business, dressing the part and feeling confident at work has never been more vital.

And a brand new range of suits being launched by T.M. Lewin this March promise a million dollar look, yet one which will not break the bank.

The five new suits in the range feature a selection of new fabrics, styles and finishes. Thee are two new pinstripe options, a mohair/merino grey, a blue and a contemporary Princes of Wales check – all designed to complement the existing T M Lewin range and add an extra dimension to the working wardrobe.

The new suits are made to a slimmer fit, more modern cut than the traditional T.M.Lewin suits, and are produced using precise designer patterns and completed with striking linings, kissing buttons, strategic pocket placement and meticulous lapel structure.

The skilled, precise attention to detail gives them an element of sophistication one would associate with bespoke tailoring. The range signals a new direction for T.M. Lewin and a desire to create suits that are elegant and edgy but versatile enough to wear for an interview, on the trading floor or even in the boardroom.

Geoff Quinn, T.M. Lewin CEO, said, “This is the first new line we have produced in several years and the suits are more contemporary and sharper than ever before. We haven’t cut corners or compromised quality but have still produced affordable, accessible suits that feel and look tailor-made.”

He added, “In the world of business attire, it’s well-known that you dress for the job you want, not the job you have, but in these times of austerity that can be a challenge. These suits not only look great, fit like a glove and wear extremely well, but are also realistically priced. Whether you’re a graduate, manager or Chief Executive, T.M. Lewin has something that will help you look smart, feel empowered and perform at your best, no matter how tough your day gets.”

The new suits are priced at £299 but (the Earlham comes in at £249)

Light Grey Prince of Wales Check, 85% Wool 15% Silk
Why use a blend of wool & silk?
• A slight sheen in appearance, silky to the touch
• Comfortable and extremely versatile
• A luxurious blended textile which is warm yet surprisingly silky
• Medium weight, with a feathery drape and a subtle, satiny finish a hint of plushness while not having the tell-tale itchiness of wool

Plain blue, 80% Wool 20% Mohair

Dark blue, 80% Wool 20% Mohair
Why use a blend of wool and mohair?
• Mohair is an insulator; wool is a conductor so together produce the perfect fabric for all climates
• Mohair is the most durable of all animal fibres and is resistant to soiling and creasing
• Benefit from having considerable natural stretch properties
• When blended with wool the lifespan and quality of the garment are enhanced
• Mohair fibres have natural lustre so the garment will always look impeccable

Navy with chalk stripe, 100% Cool Wool
Why use cool wool?
• Plain weave fabric in super 110 merino wool, ideal for wear through spring summer and autumn
• It offers the wearer comfort through its open construction
• Enhanced performance comes from a slight ‘uptwist’ to the yarn
• A suit in this fabric will shed creases more readily and retain its shape over longer periods

Blue pin stripe, 100% Merino Wool

T.M.Lewin was established in 1898 in Jermyn Street, London and now has over 90 stores and 13 concessions in the UK and Ireland with further developments planned during 2012.

Thomas Mayes Lewin was obsessive about quality and value, and worked hard to establish T.M.Lewin’s reputation as a first class shirt tailor. Innovation was important to Mr. Lewin, and nearly 100 years ago, he became one of the first to make the 'coat-shirt', the thrn ground-breaking idea of a shirt with buttons down the front.

"Keeping in the spirit of our founder, we have continued, to this day, to make shirts and suits in the same time-honoured manner, using labour-saving advances only when they add to the quality, fit and comfort of our clothes," explained a spokesman.

For more information and to check out the range visit www.tmlewin.co.uk

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