Saturday, 17 December 2011

Girls WILL make passes at men who wear glasses

SPECtacular news for glasses-wearers, as survey finds glasses make men up to 75% more sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Glasses wearers around the country rejoice! According to a new survey from specksy is officially sexy.

Hitting the streets armed with photographs of five models, both with and without their glasses, the SelectSpecs team asked members of the public to rate the models’ faces against a series of characteristics. Astonishingly, 100% of the models were considered sexier, more employable, trustworthy AND intelligent when wearing their specs.

And interestingly, the study found that it is men who benefit the most from embracing their glasses. Women considered the male models on average 38% more attractive and 35% more intelligent when wearing the accessory. One male model was perceived as a whopping 75% sexier when pictured in specs.

Tony Russell, Registered Dispensing Optician from, says: “Glasses can really add character, and when chosen well, will bring out all your best features. There are a lot of misconceptions about specs – and we at SelectSpecs are on a mission to make people embrace their frames.

“These findings are great news for glasses wearers everywhere, particularly for those men who are looking to dress to impress a special someone. We hope they will encourage people to wear their specs with pride this Christmas!”

You can afford to experiment with different styles and looks with SelectSpecs, where you can buy the world’s cheapest prescription glasses from just £6 including lenses with UV, anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings as standard.

Visit to see the SelectSpecs street team in action near Tower Bridge in London.

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