Sunday, 8 January 2012

What secrets are hidden in your handbag?

Get your FREE, revealing ‘Bagology Reading’ throughout January 2012 with The Bentall Centre, South West London's premier shopping centre.

Are you someone who doesn’t have just one, but two mobile phones in your bag? How many sticks of lipstick do you carry? Do you ever leave home without your hand moisturiser? All these things tell a deeper story about you and your personality.

The Bentall Centre has teamed up with the UK’s leading Bagologist, Debbie Percy, to offer a limited number of FREE handbag readings on The Bentall Centre Facebook page.


It’s simple - just visit, ‘like’ the page, take a photo of the contents of your handbag and then upload it to the Facebook Wall. Three bags will be randomly selected by Debbie every weekday (excluding weekends) for a detailed reading and her analysis published underneath each photo. To be considered for selection, uploads must be made between 1st January & 29th March 2012. Please note that by uploading your photograph there is NO guarantee of receiving a reading.


This is not a competition, but by uploading a picture of your handbag contents for analysis it is assumed that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of this event. This process is open to both men and women anywhere in the world. The acceptance, disqualification or deletion of uploaded pictures, without explanation or prior notification is entirely at the discretion of The Bentall Centre.

Content should only be submitted by someone of 16 years and above. Only one upload is permitted per person. Photographs can be submitted up until 12pm on 29th February 2012 or until 60 bag readings have been completed by Debbie.

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