Wednesday, 11 January 2012

ghd help you get the Kate Middleton look

To honour the nation’s favourite Princess on her 30th birthday (9th January), ghd Creative Director and Session Stylist, Kenna, tells us how to achieve Kate Middleton’s luscious locks. The hair of the moment is, without a doubt, the big and bouncy blow dry.

Using the power of the brand new ghd air hairdryer, follow Kenna’s six simple steps below to help you recreate the Duchess’s effortlessly stylish signature look.

Today's blow dry isn't about flat lengths scooped under at the ends, the style is big, loose and sexy hair with movement, volume and shine." ghd Creative Director, Kenna.


1. To begin, towel dry hair leaving in as much moisture as possible.

2. Apply ghd Style Root Lift Spray from roots down and ghd Style Total Volume Foam from tips up for a big bouncy blow-dry style. You will want to start by drying the roots to activate the Root Lift Spray; this product is great for the whole length of the hair because it adds texture.

3. Flip your head upside down and continue drying with your fingers, keeping your ghd air on low speed and low heat—let gravity help you build volume.

4. Once your hair is close to dry, turn up the heat on the ghd air and flip your head back up, continuing now with a ghd Ceramic Radial Brush. I like a soft no-parting look so really work the brush around the head, starting from the front, in all directions. When using a radial brush keep turning it back away from the face as you pull up from the roots. Keep the ghd air nozzle close and move your hair around both the underside and the top of the brush.

5. Make use of the cool shot button on ghd air to fix the style, bringing a cool shot of air over the hair as you dry with the radial brush will fix it in place. Once the hair is completely dry and volume perfected, a blast of cold underneath the style will give it a tousled look.

6. To complete the look use the ghd Style Final Fix Spray to give hold and shape to your volume.

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