Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cannelle Notices That More Young Clients Are Opting For The Natural Look

Cannelle beauty salons are noticing that young girls are not only keener than ever to learn the secrets to looking naturally gorgeous but to actually understanding good skin care. Over the last three years Cannelle ( has seen a 54% increase in the number of teenagers visiting their salons with the majority opting for manicures, waxing and eyebrow shaping treatments.

"Recent years have seen an overwhelming pressure for young girls to ply on heavy amounts of make-up but now we are seeing more girls who are being brought to the salon by their mother's to learn how to look after their skin and to learn how to put on make-up for a natural look. We also find this generation is far more savvy about sun exposure," says France Baudet the owner of the renowned French beauty salon.

Cannelle offers a wide range of suitable treatments including Décleor facials for spot prone skin which use 100% pure essential oils with natural plant extracts. For teenagers Aroma Purify is great for oily skin or Aroma Radiance for duller skin.

France continues: "The teenagers who come to our salon are made to feel as comfortable as possible and learn a lot from our experienced beauty therapists. With exam time and then end of year balls coming up we are expecting to see even more girls coming in for a treat, to reduce the effects that stress has had on their skin and to relax."

Cannelle delivers a fusion of beauty treatments all of which are tailored to meet their clients' special requirements. Baudet has divulged some top beauty tips for teenagers.

Teen beauty tips from Cannelle:
1. Cleanse, tone AND MOISTURISE! - Even if you have oily skin! Many girls avoid moisturisers because they believe they contain oils which promote spots. In fact if you choose a moisturiser that contains 'purifying oils' you will reap the benefits of well-nourished skin without spot problems. I recommend Décleor Aroma Purete for combination skin or Décleor Hydra Floral for normal skin.

2. Make up remover wipes are handy, particularly for girls on the go! So take them on sleepovers for quick, mess-free make up removal but avoid using them for prolonged periods. Wipes do not replace a proper skin care regime...think mouth wash as an alternative to brushing teeth. Exactly, you wouldn't!

3. Lip gloss compliments young, fresh skin perfectly. Don't be tempted to try dark or bright red matt did that when you played dressing up as mum ten years don't want the same effect now! Vaseline has the same light reflecting instant plumping effect for even the thinnest lips so keep a travel size handy and reapply, reapply, reapply!

4. UV rays are a big no! Your generation is far more savvy about UV rays and burning. Sun exposure causes premature ageing and wrinkles can develop even in the early 20s with too much sun. Thankfully pale, pasty skin is a thing of the past for teens now the shelves are bursting with easy-to-use, skin nourishing creams and daily moisturisers containing hints of tanning colour that allow a safe, healthy glow to develop with continual use.

5. If you are particularly sensitive about the size of your nose, summer is the best time of the year for you! Trendy sunglasses and large brimmed hats look fabulous (teamed with skinny jeans and flip flops) and will dramatically reduce appearance of a larger nose. Uber stylish, uber clever!

6. Sparse lashes? Zig-zag your mascara brush! Whatever brand of mascara you choose it's the application that gives thicker longer looking lashes. Start at the base of the lashes (brush under not over lashes) and keeping the brush in contact with lashes at all times, zig-zag from side to side as you move up the lash. This movement separates and coats each lash at the same time, for maximum coverage and instantly thicker, bolder lashes.

7. Everyone has sad skin days. The moment you notice an obvious spot, cover with a medicated concealer and re-style your hair! Our attention usually goes straight to what's new, so all focus will be on your hair not on your blemish! Alternatively MAC, Couleur Caramel and STILA have great concealers.

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