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Fushi Wellbeing Providing Optimum Health And Wellbeing Naturally And Organically

Fushi Wellbeing has achieved The Vegan Society stamp of approval, with 98% of its products declared suitable for vegans.

What a lot of people might not be aware of is that The Vegan Society was launched in 1944. This hard-working charity is active in its work against all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals.

According to the Society, the ethics of consuming animal products, in this instance dairy produce, was debated by The Vegetarian Society as long ago as 1909.

What has long dogged a vegan lifestyle, however, is the question of just how healthy is a vegan diet. The truth is that we know so much more about the role of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and the various enzymes and phyto-nutrients and their importance not only for general health but also anti-aging and cellular activity, But, we also know so much more about the sources of these vital nutrients and how to avoid animal produce and instead look to Mother Nature for everything we need.

Now as well as vegans, Fushi's slew of high quality, results-driven supplements, tinctures and herbal drinks, as well as its prestige beauty and haircare ranges are all suitable for vegetarians for optimal health and wellbeing - which makes them best for everyone! Vegan or not.

Wild Flower Bee Pollen - £12.20

Individually Accredited Vegan by the vegan society
Bee pollen is a highly concentrated source of essential elements and the most complete food in nature. It contains all water-soluble vitamins, especially high in B and C, 22 amino acids, 27 minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron.

Directions : 1.5 gm. a day taken on an empty stomach preferably first thing in the morning

Fushi Beauty Totale - (£14.95)

Packed with 24 of the most essential nutrients for skin, hair and nails. The potent ingredients include vitamin A, a crucial antioxidant for skin DNA at a cellular level, it helps repair and regenerate; zinc is known to for its benefits for skin complaints such as acne; silica contributes to collagen formation and is good for strong nails; vitamin C is important in the production of collagen; essential amino acids support elastin and collagen production; beta-carotene and vitamin E help the skin's natural defences against free radicals.

All these ingredients are bio available, which means the nutrients are in the most absorbable form.
Directions: 1-2 capsules daily with breakfast and dinner.

Fushi Organic Spirulina Capsules - £10.16
Spirulina is used for rejuvenation, weight reduction and is considered an excellent blood and colon cleanser. Extremely rich in protein, Spirulina contains a massive 26 times the calcium of milk, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorous and iron. In addition to these beneficial minerals, you can get your B-complex A and E vitamins from Spirulina.

Directions: 1-3 capsules daily.

Total Repair Herbal Shampoo £15.26 for 250 ml

This nourishing shampoo is specially formulated to treat normal to dry, and damaged hair types. It's generously medicated with the soothing and healing properties of calendula and the tonifying and rejuvenating action of frankincense and neroli essential oils. Combined with the nourishing attributes of sandalwood and vitamin and protein-rich avocado oil, dull and damaged hair is lifted, healthy and glossy and smells refreshed with orange essential oil.

Total Repair & Soothe Herbal Conditioner £18.32 for 250ml
This dual functioning conditioner is packed with 88% herbal ingredients. Calendula with its soothing and healing action, combines with the invigorating properties of frankinscense and ceroli, shine-inducing, vitamin and protein-rich avocado oil and sandalwood nourish, soothe and repair damage to the scalp and hair shaft.

Antioxidants are key to helping protect against the aging effects of UV
exposure and pollution, mopping up damaging free radical activity - literally the metabolic waste disposal of the body's cells. And, of course, if you have overdosed on uv exposure, antioxidants are critical to help support the body and reduce longer term damage.

Fushi's Superfoods from £10.16
The big dilemma about the superfoods - so-called because of the optimum beauty, health and wellbeing benefits they provide - is which one to choose.

Says Rick Hay, Fushi's own nutritionist: "Superfoods are incredibly high in protein and all the vital phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals the body needs, but in the same way that we all have talents, so each superfood has a role in overall health that it does best and which can work either to support the body in any deficiencies, but also to "turbo-charge" even the healthiest diet for optimum results."

The List: Acai has an extremely high ORAC value, which measures its antioxidant levels - great for general health and boosting immunity, it's an excellent anti-ager and also good for weightloss. Wheatgrass is extremely chlorophyll rich, the lifeblood of the plant, and is an extremely good energy booster and for use when detoxing. Chlorella, again rich in chlorophyll, is a powerful cleanser for the digestive system and for stimulating elimination, but it also has alkalizing properties so it reduces inflammation. Alfalfa, is a good digestive tonic.

So according to Fushi, vegetarian, vegan, health freak, or just in need of a good overhaul, Fushi Wellbeing is the one-stop shop for all your optimum health needs.

Fushi's body care products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, PEGs and synthetics.

Fushi is available from:
* Via the website, or Mail-order by calling 0845 330 1880
* Follow Fushi on Facebook

The Product Range:
* Herbal Remedies
* Nutriceuticals
* Hair care, Body and bath care
* Aromatherapy & Massage oils

Fushi believes the body shouldn't be overexposed to chemicals and unnatural elements and uses natural and organic ingredients wherever possible. Fushi supports Fair Trade, only buying products from suppliers that do not exploit indigenous populations around the globe. Fushi is a Member if the Ethical Company Organisation and the Good Shopping Guide.

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