Monday, 20 June 2011

Set your own discount at Tightsplease! has decided to allow their customers to dictate the percentage discount available in their latest sale initiative.

All customers need do is "Like" on Facebook and for every 500 new "Likes" the page receives, the discount will increase by 5% up to an impressive 75% off.

Company director Charles Duncombe said: "We have seen many retailers using social media to communicate to their customers, however we want to use it to allow our customers to communicate to us. Facebook offers a great platform for us to gain vital feedback and customer views, this specific campaign has also allowed us to offer our customers the opportunity of a huge discount in return for their loyalty to".

Within a couple of days of customers being notified by email about the offer, Tightsplease "Likes" had increased by 25%. The deadline for "Likes" is the Friday 24th June.

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