Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sassoon your hair straight!

Many people love super sleek locks, but why do they spend a fortune on straighteners? And what should we really be looking for? With 45% of women and 20% of men owning a pair of hair straighteners, top UK hair styling brand, Sassoon thought it was time to put us straight on straightening.
Forget focusing on temperature and concentrate on what really makes a straightener great!

1. Ionic technology: Ionic technology is used to emit negatively charged ions onto the hair shaft to break down water molecules and lock in the natural moisture in the hair, leaving it looking shiny, smooth and ultra-glossy. The Sassoon Hydragloss Straightener boasts variable ionic technology to create super chic locks whatever your hair type and look. The ceramic plates also tackle super smooth styling on 9 heat control settings between 150°c - 230°c for different hair types and styles. An LCD display panel ensures clear indication of the settings in use to get the best out of styling.

2. Ceramic plates: Ceramic plates allow for smooth contact with the hair shaft, preventing snagging and minimising heat damage which can sometimes occur during hair styling. They also improve heat distribution through the hair so that results are perfect every time. Sassoon's Perfectly Smooth Straightener is the ultimate tool for adding that finishing touch to straight, sleek styles. Featuring ceramic plates with a top temperature of 230°c, straightening is quick and simple achieving smooth styles at home that really wow.

3. Variable heat settings: Not all hair is the same, and we don't all need a sizzling heat to iron out kinks. High heat can damage fine hair, so the hottest temperatures don't always lead to the best styles. Sassoon's Platinum Edition straightener always gives maximum hair protection with the glitziest of results. The 25 variable heat settings and luxury heat-proof pouch separates the product from its competitors. Sleek, straight hair that glimmers is achieved with the styler's superior heat conductivity, and its ionic technology smooths down hair cuticles for swishable locks.

4. Ease of use: Let's face it, technology isn't everything and sometimes we just want a straightener we can drop into our bags and use after the gym or for a quick fix in the office before after-work drinks. Sassoon's Limited Edition Maxi Mini straighteners are ideal for women on the go. The straightener duo provides great styles at home or out and about. A full size straighteners ceramic plates minimise heat damage to the hair cuticle. The easy to manage swivel chord makes styling at home even simpler. The duo also includes a powerful 200°c palm sized mini straightener which can be tossed into the handbag, for hair in a hurry to take you through from day to night.

Sassoon styling products are available from all good electrical retailers.

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