Thursday, 9 June 2011

Step out in comfort and style with Merrell Barefoot Bestselling Minimalist Shoes

Barefoot shoes are the latest fitness footwear sensation, offering runners and outdoor enthusiasts the chance to get more from the time they spend exercising. Modern footwear is designed to cushion and protect the feet, and whilst walking is made more comfortable, many of the benefits from exercising are lost when wearing shoes. The feet are not required to work as hard, the posture is changed, and it has even been suggested that wearing running shoes can actually increase the chances of injury, and that barefoot running is a far healthier choice.

Recent scientific studies conducted by Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman set out to answer the question of how man has managed to run comfortably without modern running shoes. The research confirmed what barefoot runners have long understood; that when running with bare feet the foot lands with a flatter aspect, with the body weight moving from the heel to the forefoot. When barefoot, the posture is more natural, the muscles in the feet and the legs are required to work harder, and muscle conditioning is greatly improved. The foot arches are allowed to work exactly as nature intended, and the large forces acting on the heel are greatly reduced.

Merrell barefoot shoes cater to the growing popularity of barefoot running and replicate the barefoot gait, whilst adding extra grip and protection for the feet. “Merrell Barefoot shoes have zero drop. The heel and the forefoot on the same level, and the shoes replicate the barefoot gait and offer the same benefits to the body as being barefoot” says MD Richard Gundle. Sales of the shoes have soared since their release at the online store, and are winning over many of its customers to a healthier way of running and walking.

“Part of the attraction with the Merrell Barefoot range is that the shoes look just like normal outdoor shoes. Many people are put off making the switch to barefoot shoes as they are not fond of the five toed designs” says Gundle. Merrell has released its footwear in a wide range of styles to suit all outdoor sports, with a design that is even suitable for casual wear.

Whilst moving over to barefoot shoes certainly has its benefits, Richard points out that it takes time to adjust to the new way of moving and it is important to take it a little easy at first. “Barefoot shoes can take a little getting used to, and it is important to allow the muscles time to adjust to the new way of moving. We recommend starting off with short exercise sessions and building up gradually, to allow the muscles time to adjust. One of the best ways to do this is to download the Merrell Barefoot iphone app and to use it as a guide to working out in the new shoes”.

Merrell Barefoot shoes are certainly popular at, and in the short time since they have been available have become the best selling minimalist shoes at the online store. With the range now expanded and with word spreading fast on the benefits, it looks like sales will continue to soar and it will be a big year for Merrell Barefoot.

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