Wednesday, 1 June 2011

House Of Colour re-brands. Should you, too?

House of Colour feels that they recognise we all need to refresh and rebrand our look as we can get dated and lag behind the times, so they have just rebranded their company to reflect this.

They engaged the services of brand specialists and then as a company they enjoyed the process of working together and with their partners, clients and the wider world to define their values.

“ Everyone within the organisation now knows that everything we do needs to be measured against the following words: Quality, Credible, Colourful, Relevant, Engaging, Supporting, Aspirational, Successful and Profitable and Integrity,” said a spokesperson.

"At a time when Colour is hitting the shops in glorious combinations, blocks and patterns there cannot be a better time for anyone to find out which colours work for them.

"Walking through the high street being wowed by the visual displays often sends us into total panic – because we don’t always know what will work for us."

The spokesperson added: “The knowledge we share with clients helps them discover exactly which colours will work and just how much of them they can wear. To wear a bright colour from top to toe, you need to be confident you can pull it off.

“You need the assurance that comes from objective, scientifically based evidence that you have seen with your own eyes. Even then some people only feel brave enough to start with small tops and accessories gaining courage as they go. Then we’re ready for that amazing maxi dress or polo shirt in our best colours once we’ve received enough compliments to believe that it really does look amazing.

Is it time for you to refresh and rebrand yourself with colour and style? To increase your shopping confidence? Find out more at

Established in 1985: House of Colour is an organisation with over 140 consultants worldwide. It's proud that it is the only company in its field to hold the top UK ‘Investors in People’ award which highlights its focus on empowering the individual making it the leading British colour and image consultancy.

House of Colour consultants follow the most intensive, thorough and ongoing training available to operate exclusive franchise areas; with vacancies in the UK and globally, many franchisees are looking for additional consultants to work with them. So if you feel you want to find out more about being a colour consultant, why not take a look at their website?

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