Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rudell the Jewellers Showcase Mikimoto’s Newest Collections Rarely Seen Outside of Japan

The formation of a pearl is one of nature’s miracles and it was long believed man could never match it, until in 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto developed a technique for the cultivation of pearls and set about building the finest pearl manufacturers in the world. In doing so he changed the face of the jewellery market and made his name synonymous with luxury.

Rudell the Jewellers were delighted to showcase Mikimoto’s newest collections and a special selection of one-of-a-kind jewellery rarely seen outside of Japan. The event which was held on the evening of the 22nd June was a resounding success.

Greeted with champagne and canapés upon arrival, guests for the evening were then able to try on and gather in-depth information about their favourite piece of jewellery. The relaxed atmosphere in the beautiful surroundings of the Harborne, Birmingham, showroom, allowed guests to enjoy a more engaging experience of these most luxuriant of jewels.

An extraordinary selection of Akoya and South Sea pearls were on view, all carefully selected for colour and size from the top 5% of all the cultured pearls in the world. It is this attention to quality and beauty that ensured all the pearls bearing the Mikimoto name delighted the discerning eye of all those who attended.

Managing Director Jon Weston was on hand all evening, delighting in the obvious pleasure of all guests, “It has been another wonderful evening at Rudells, we are very pleased to be able to share our evening and this beautiful selection of fine jewellery with our close friends and clients.”

Full details of the ranges that were on view are available from Rudells. Tel: 0121 427 1904, view at www.rudells.com.

Rudells website contains a wide range of jewellery from diamond rings, necklaces and earrings to bracelets and watches. There are many sections dedicated to new and previously owned products and sections for all types of occasions like wedding and engagement rings.

Rudells High Street Jewellers currently have two showrooms one in Wolverhampton and the other in Harborne, Birmingham.

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